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How To Make Chocolate (no equipment needed!)


So many women are coming to me regarding their struggles with “bad food choices” at the moment. And it’s funny to notice that 99.9% of the time, chocolate is on top of the “bad food” list. It seems to be THE food that makes people crazy - especially women.


Even if I don’t think putting pressure on yourself to eat perfectly healthy 100% of time is a sustainable choice, and even if I could talk about that for hours, I’ll give you the keys to make chocolate easily and healthily instead.


This way, you could just create your own chocolate with heaps of good ingredients and enjoy it. I deeply think that if you want a peaceful relationship with food, you need to be satisfied on all levels and it needs to be pleasurable.


Would I be able to live without chocolate? Probably not!


This is why I think that if you too, you like chocolate, there is no good reason to NOT have some. Making yours will just allow you to use high quality, healthy ingredients, so this is a winner on all levels.


How to make chocolate


How To Make Chocolate (no equipment needed!)


Making your own chocolate is probably easier than you think.


The main goal of this process is to combine some cacao powder with some healthy fats (coconut oil and / or cacao butter or clarified butter) and finally add a sweetener to have it taste as you like. This will create your base.


After that, you can add about anything you like to your chocolate. I already tried things like thyme, just sea salt, ginger and many more but below are some of my favorite options.


For the oily part of the mix, one measure cacao butter mixed with 1/2 measure coconut oil is the optimal mix but if you don’t find cacao butter (which can be quite pricy), feel free to use 100% virgin, first cold pressed coconut oil.


In order to lessen the addictiveness of the chocolate, I highly recommend to use low GI and low fructose sweetener options, such as rice malt syrup, stevia and xylitol. Most of the other options – such as traditional refined sugar, dates or even coconut sugar – will spike your blood sugar levels and make you want more as soon as your blood sugar will start to get down. So be aware about that…


I like my chocolate dark and quite bitter. But feel free to add more of your favorite sweetener if needed. Experiment with it and enjoy!


Raw Chocolate Bark with Pistachios & Edible Flowers

Probably one of the best version I made so far. I always have some in the freezer for my afternoon snack ;)


Raw Dark Chocolate

More basic and very dark chocolate recipe. Perfect for bitter chocolate lovers.


Dark Walnut Chocolate

Perfect mix of nuts and chocolate. You’ll love it ;)



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