• "MindBodyGreen’s contributors are a shiny, happy bunch who glow with good health. You literally want whatever they are having." 

    VOGUE Australia

  • "Before working with Pauline, I was suffering from sleep apneas and I wasn't really paying attention to what I ate. With Pauline's coaching, I lost 6 kilos in just a few months and my apneas completely disappeared. My lifestyle and food choices are much healthier and my whole life is more balanced."


  • "Before working with Pauline, I was suffering of deep eating disorder. It was all very dark. Since I signed up for Pauline’s coaching my life has completely changed in an extremely positive way: “I am now happy and able to enjoy life!


  • My life is at its best. I found the love of my life and everything is going well. And big news: we are having a baby girl. We are super happy! In 2 years time, my life has totally changed… Thanks to you!!!


  • I feel like new! After the detox week my energy, skin and yoga practice have improved greatly. Thank you Pauline! Your fairy dust will be with me forever.”


  • I'm finally beginning to listen to my body and not let food control my life in a negative, controlling way any more. I become freer everyday. Thank you again. Love your work!!


  • "Since working with Pauline, my skin is getting better every day but the most incredible thing was my energy levelIt’s not easy to change one’s habits but when you proceed step by step, a whole new lifestyle takes place. I sincerely recommend Pauline’s advices and coaching and I thank her for everything she did for me."