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Why You Are Doing Everything Right But Still Can’t Stop Binge Eating…


Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to stop binge eating despite the fact that you do everything right?


Starting the day with the perfect breakfast (hello green smoothie), packing the perfect mid-morning snack, a healthy and balanced lunch (hello grilled chicken salad) and between 4 and 6 pm, BAM, your old friend – the binge urge – knocks on the door.


Hard to resist when the urge is strong, right?


I even tend to say to my clients that when it’s the case, it’s often too late!

[Gosh, I still remember trying to resist the urges... Even if I managed to do it for a couple of hours, it just came back stronger later on].


In my online program and 1:1 coaching, I take women from point A to point Z, so they can stop binge eating (and purging) once and for all.


One of the first things I am teaching them is to stop any diet or any food rule they’ve set up for themselves. Because as I’ve shown you in this very specific lecture, the more you think about ‘not eating your chocolate cake’, the more you’ll binge on it later on.


It’s exactly the same as if you’d try to hold your breath: it’s just NOT SUSTAINABLE!


But even-though most of them stop dieting and applying any food rules, it seems that at one stage, they reach a plateau and can’t seem to get rid of these last few weekly binges.


Often, you just have to take a closer look to realise that even if they’ve made HUGE progress on this level, deep inside, their relation with food is still highly controlled. They don’t allow themselves to feel totally satisfied by the food they eat or to eat things that they crave.


You have to be satisfied by the food you eat in order to stop binge eating once and for all.

- Pauline Hanuise

stop binge eating


Indeed, if you’re not feeling satisfied (physically and mentally) by the food you eat, you bet that this chocolate cake will be appealing at one stage or another.


You can’t refrain yourself from breathing fully, so is the same with food.


If you hold your breath, you might have to take a few deeper breath to compensate afterwards. That’s why when you stop dieting, you will have to eat a bit more to compensate at the beginning. You HAVE TO allow yourself to go down that road in order for food to lose it’s attractive powers.


That’s where most women fail. They feel guilty about what they eat, so they restrict again and so the whole vicious cycle take place again.


Women who keep binging on the long term despite the fact that doing everything right, often still feel ‘bad’ when they overeat slightly or eat “unhealthy” foods they really want. They can’t seem to be able to enjoy occasional foods without feeling guilty afterwards.


And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there too!


But in order to stop binge eating (and purging) once and for all, you have to realise that food won’t kill you or make you obese overnight. It’s not the 1 or 2 pieces of cake that you ate for your mum’s birthday that will make you fat.


When you allow yourself to breathe fully, whenever and however you want, your breathing will naturally get back to normal.


And if you truly allow yourself to eat anything you want whenever you want, your relationship with food will get back to normal as well.

- Pauline Hanuise



What do YOU think? Is it something you can relate to? 

Share your experience in the comments below… It’s maybe the exact thing someone else needs to read!



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