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I’ve recently finished reading a book that has probably became one of my favourite.


This book is the gorgeous “A Return To Love, Reflections On The Principles Of A Course In Miracles” by Marianne Williamson, best-seller author and lecturer.


I think this book can be very helpful when it comes to our distorted perception of reality. And especially when we’re stuck in the dark hole of an eating issue.


This is why, when I read it, I felt the urge to share a part of one of the chapters with you. This is a chapter regarding vanity, weight and age.


And Marianne says:


What is the ego-oriented, neurotic obsession with weight, hair, looks, and sex appeal that drives people to spend billions of dollars a year on products they can’t afford and don’t really need, and young women to fall into dangerous disease patterns in their efforts to be thin?


These things are inevitable results of a cultural orientation that leaves out the reality of spirit. Concentration on the body as an end rather than a means in our perception, breeds fear. Fear that we’re not good enough or attractive enough. Fear that they won’t like us. Fear that we’ll loose out in life. There is no way to escape this painful maelstrom without replacing body identification with the memory that we aren’t bodies at all, that who we are is the love inside us, and it’s that love alone determines our value. When our minds are filled with light, there is no room for darkness. When we understand who and what we really are, there is no room for pain and confusion.


I felt the urge to share these sentences with you because I can’t explain it better than that.


As long as you will define yourself as your body, as long as you’ll gauge your importance by your physical qualities, and as long as you’ll leave your physical qualities defining your self-worth, you’ll be stuck in the depth of fear and darkness, with no place for light, love and freedom.


In other words, this is only when you will shift your perception regarding your body that you will be able to change. This shift – as simple as it might sound – is a choice that you can make every second of every day. You can either leave your ego rule the game by controlling your food and your life or you can stop listening to it and start living.


This shift will not only allow you to change your relationship with food and your own body but also improve your entire life and happiness.


As Marianne also explains in her book “healing is a return to love“. Getting back to a loving perspective, whatever happens – may it be towards your body, towards yourself, other people or life in general – is what will allow you to feel connected with the rest of the world, feel free and feel good again.


Returning to love is forgiving yourself for your past and everything you’ve done to yourself so far. This is accepting that fear and resentment don’t serve you in any way, that everything is perfect just as it is now and that you are part of it. Your real power is not your physical qualities but the infinite love and light you have inside.


You are a child of the universe, and like everyone else on this earth, you are a miracle. Now it’s time to embrace it and recognise that you truly deserve all the goodness life has to offer.


If you are ready to go deeper into this, shift your perception and get in touch with your deeper self, I really recommend you to get this book!


So if you’ve been wondering what could be your next read, stop searching, you’ve got it. You can order your copy on Amazon by clicking here & start sharing the love.



x Pauline x


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  1. Leah Renee says:

    I love this! I have explored the wisdom of Marianne Williamson for personal growth and to overcome lifelong struggles in regards to body image and the core of why it’s a struggle for me, digging down to the root of it thanks to her and help. A beautiful article on your part! Thank you! ~Leah :)

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing beautiful!
      You’re very welcome. I also think that this work can be helpful in so many ways!
      Heaps of love to you

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