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For 15 years of my life, I’ve struggled with full-blown bulimia…


At that time, when I was still stuck in the depths of this horrible illness, I tried everything I could to recover; willpower, therapy, psychotherapy, antidepressants, dieticians, nutritionists, naturopaths, weight watchers and many more crazy things… Nothing worked.


At the end of the day, I ended-up totally confused by this quantity of approaches and thought I was different, broken and totally hopeless.


When I finally managed to understand what I needed to recover and got my life back, I was able to see how traditional therapies were inefficient and that there was actually nothing wrong with me. [As there is absolutely nothing wrong with you either!]


Total freedom also helped me finding my mission: I HAD TO get certified as Holistic Practitioner and share what I knew in order to help YOU create the life and freedom you deserve.


I wanted to be part of a better solution to make sure nobody would ever suffer like I did.

Today, I want to share some pretty important things with you to help you move towards a better life.


Here is a quick note about what you need to know about eating disorders recovery and start to Make Peace With Food today…


ED Recovery


1. Understand why you binge eat


Most of the time, binge eating starts after a long period of restriction such as a strict diet, food rules you’ve set up for yourself, or food deprivation.


The truth is that humans are not designed to restrict their food intake. When we fast or set up some strict food rules for ourselves, our bodies are programmed to think we are in famine or lack of food storage. Thus our survival mode kicks in to make sure we find food and ensure our survival.
This is why we will become obsessed with food (what we’re going to eat, when, where we will find food, etc.). In this situation, our system will start storing any calories ingested to make sure we have enough in stock. This is why diets don’t work and are actually counter-effective. They make us PUT ON weight and this is why many bulimics and binge eaters are already at their natural weight or over-weight.


The cycle of binge eating / restricting food intake not only switches our survival mechanism ON but also plays with our blood sugar levels. Riding the roller-coaster of your sugar highs and lows makes you obsess about your next ‘sugar-fix’ and sets you up for failure.


The good news is: this has nothing to do with your willpower. With the right information and support, you will be able to free yourself up from this destructive pattern.


So you are probably wondering: what can I do about it?

Keep reading ;)


2. Accept where you are


We all know how it works. We promise ourselves to stop bingeing once and for all when we are feeling crap and bloated with all the food ingested, yet the day after we find ourselves in the exact same situation after having eaten everything we managed to put our hands on.
These kind of crazy promises are very destructive and are just making you worse. You think that you are worthless, hopeless and you start hating yourself a bit more everyday.


Making Peace With Food is not about being able to change everything overnight. It’s about taking care of yourself and loving yourself enough to be able to nourish your own body and soul day after day.


So stop being hard on yourself and instead, be kind to yourself enough to be able to keep moving, even when you are experiencing bad days.


Accepting where you are now in order to recognise that you want to move forward is important to get better. As long as you will deny your destructive patterns, you will keep nourishing them. Like everything in life, it’s only by shining light on them that you will be able to work on them.


3. Start re-nourishing your body regularly


When caught up in the cycle of binge eating/restriction, your body is crying for nutrition.
You need to send it the message that the famine is over and that it will get nourished regularly. The only solution for that is to start eating regularly. I always recommend to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours, which means that you will get 3 snacks and 3 meals per day.


Your system will need a bit of time to adjust and get the message that the starvation is over but after that, your will see that your body and hunger will stabilise to normal. No more totally crazy out-of-control searches for food and “I need to stuff myself up, NOW” kind of behaviours.


This will also raise your metabolism, stabilise your blood sugar levels and deeply, sustainably re-nourish your whole body AND brain. I promise you that after a little while, the changes will be incredible.


Check out my recipes for healthy, easy and yummy options to get you started.


Scared about becoming obese? Watch this short video blog.


Starting by applying these tips will already make a difference! However, I know that when we are struggling with food, there is much more going on at the same time. Sugar addiction, emotional coping mechanisms, search for comfort and pleasure and body image issues are just a few things that might hold you back and keep you stuck in this dark place.


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Now I want to hear from you!


Does this make sense to you? Did you know that already and do you think this can help you to improve your relationship with food?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to share in the comments below and I’d be super happy to answer. I am here to help!


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  1. bethanymgiles says:

    Thank you for your post. This summer will mark 15 years for me of living with bulimia. It’s good to hear someone else’s story of successful recovery. It gives me hope.

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing beautiful!
      Yes, I promise that there is a way out. Life doesn’t have to be so dark.
      Keep faith because a something better is waiting for you.
      I am here to help, so let me know if you have any questions.
      I am preparing more content like this one to give practical tips to help!


  2. Kerry maxwell says:

    Pauline Thankyou soo much for your post! I have had ED since I was 13yrs old and I’m going to be 50 this June! I have had some horrendous times! I had 6 lots of surgery to my bowel due to purging… My bowel stopped working and so I had most of the large bowel removed, then I had complications with adhesions and had continual obstructions causing another 5 lots of surgery!
    I am still suffering! I can’t find self acceptance(there are issues surrounding this) I keep trying to loose weight even when under weight, body dis morphia makes me think I’m FAT and over the years I have believed if my jeans and clothes are hanging off me all my problems will go away! Like you have had some help although limited in my area in Scotland uk, but nothing seems to have beat this! I am trying hard to work gong my thinking and would love to be free!! It s to nice to know someone understands!! Thankyou x

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing your story beautiful Kerry!
      I know it might be challenging sometimes but don’t leave your weight define your self-worth. Never!
      You’re so much more and better than that.
      Freedom from this issues is totally possible. Don’t give up. I am here to help & I’ll keep posting resources like this regularly.
      You can also check out this website for more free resources:

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