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Freaking Happy To Be Back + About Sugar Addiction


sugar addiction


Hey guys!


I know it’s been a while since I posted on the blog…

Actually it’s seems like ages ago!


Before Théo, I just didn’t realise how much a baby would turn my life upside down. I thought he’d be sleeping a lot and that I’d be able to keep up with my activities almost as usual. I knew I will be tired but I thought that it wouldn’t be to the point to stop me from doing anything I wanted to.


Well, I was wrong!

It turns out that being a mum is a FULL-time job :D


(By the way, I’ve just been interviewed by my friend Aline from Womomaly on this very topic. I am sharing what it’s like for me to be a first time mom and some tips and tricks that have helped me so far.)


And even-though most of the time it’s a lot of fun (being a mom), I missed you so much! I missed connecting with you all, I missed writing, creating new recipes and newsletters, I missed coaching and interviewing awesome experts, I missed working and creating.


That’s why I’ve decided to start publishing on a regular basis again…


Of course I’ll keep publishing long articles, full of insights, explaining the latest researches on the most interesting topics… but in order to commit to publishing on a regular basis, I’ll also start publishing a mix of little reflections and answers to questions I receive from you. Click here to submit a question.


This way, I know I am not setting myself up for failure and that I’ll be able to publish something interesting in just a couple of hours… Because you’re probably as busy as I am – even if you’re not a mum – you probably don’t always have time to read long articles either anyways ;)


A question I get asked a lot is about sugar!


Many of you are concerned about their sugar consumption and find that as soon as you start eating it, it spirals into a vicious cycle and pushes you back into binge eating.


This is in fact totally normal. Sugar is addictive (even the natural ones). I actually wrote about my own sugar addiction here a few years ago.


When you are a binge eater, you overload your bloodstream with sugar on a regular basis and create a strong addiction. In order to stop destructive patterns or lose some extra weight, you’ll have to stop eating sugar and go cold turkey.


It’s not always easy though! But one thing that is very important is to not feel deprived when you do this. Having some great recipes that will satisfy you nutritionally and emotionally is definitely what will help you the most.


One of my favorite is my black bean brownie. It’s packed with goodness, contains no sugar and is as delicious as a traditional chocolate brownie.


I use stevia and xylitol, which are my 2 favorite sweeteners because even-though they have a sweet taste, they are not sugar. They are safe, low GI and won’t spike your blood sugar levels and thus, are not addictive.


Click here for the full recipe.




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