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Wanna Come To Bali With Me

Have you ever wanted to change life, quit everything to live in a beautiful, paradisiac place?


I did… and I bet you did too.


Well, it’s all possible.

Since I’ve recovered from my lifelong battle with bulimia, nothing seems impossible anymore and it’s been a few months that Niko, my boyfriend, and I have decided to move to Bali for a little while!


Yes, I know, that sounds incredibly amazing, right?


I think that a few years back, my parents would have told me to get back on earth and stop dreaming out loud, ha ha ha!

But I am now an adult and I am responsible for my own life and for making things happen.


You create your own boundaries.


I’ve always wanted to be location independent and without really realising it, everything’s fallen into place over the last year. You know, be careful when you place an intention out there because it’ll probably happen ;-)


Over there, I’ll keep updating you with all the latest info about self-care, nutrition, health, wellness and happiness via my emails and blog posts. I’ll keep working with my amazing clients towards a life of freedom and wellbeing and I will also take my yoga teacher training in August. I am SO very excited about that and I can’t wait to share all this new knowledge with you all.


Once again, it’s the Universe telling me that when you really want something, there is no other way than seeing your dreams manifesting. And the only thing you have to do to manifest your dreams is to do what you really want deep inside your heart.


OK, I know it’s easier said than done… but sometimes what you need to get you started is just a little push, some guidance and inspiration. So, if you too, you want to have a life beyond your wildest dreams, I am here to help you get there! Take this week’s challenge below and let’s inspire each other, babe ;)



Share in the comments below one step you will take this week to get closer to the life of your dreams.



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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Zoe says:

    Love it!
    In seoul and amazing city – I could easily live here – so yes I am keeping my chin up and taking actions towards what really inspires me!

  2. pauline says:

    Yes lovely Zoe ;-) that’s the best thing to do to keep moving towards the life of your dreams!

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