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Overcoming the fear of gaining weight in bulimia recovery


Overcoming the fear of gaining weight


One of the most common and biggest fear when struggling with bulimia or eating disorders is definitely the fear of putting on weight when starting recovery.


This fear can be so important that this is most of the time one of the main things that are holding you back. Often people are afraid to give recovery a try just because they are scared of weight gain and find themselves stuck in the illness for years.


This fear is totally normal, especially when using purging methods, which give a feeling of ‘emptiness’ after a binge but if you want to recover from your eating disorder and finally live a life full of freedom, health and happiness, you’ll have to overcome it and kick it right in the butt.


If you’re ready for that, or if you’re paralysed by the fear of weight gain, this video is for you!


In this video, I am discussing this strong and horrible fear. I am explaining how our body works and why this shouldn’t scare you and keep you stuck in your destructive eating patterns any longer.


This is very important to understand in order to recover and get better, so feel free to get back to this video as often as needed ;)


If you need support or guidance with your eating behaviours, feel free to drop me a line here and I’ll guide you to the best help for you!



Overcoming the fear of gaining weight in bulimia recovery



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    Hi Pauline, you are amazing and beautiful, my heart feels warm listening to you. Thankyou

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