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In this week video, I am sharing a basic principle to recover from any eating issues. This technique, Structured Eating, is commonly used and helped me a lot in my own bulimia recovery.


Structured Eating


Structured Eating was one of the most basic concepts that allowed me to move forward. It’s used worldwide to help people loosing weight, recovering from any distorted eating pattern or recreate a healthy eating habit.


This technique has HEAPS of benefits (which I explain in the video) and I am sure this will help anyone who wants to stabilise her eating habits.


Structured Eating is perfect to re-learn to eat normally and re-nourish your body. If you do it properly, this simple technique is quite powerful and you should notice great improvements in your eating behaviours quite quickly.


No excuse for not giving it a try ;-)


Structured Eating



Do you have any other tips, techniques that have helped you to stabilise your eating behaviours? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Never forget that the message you want to share might be the exact thing someone else needs to read to move forward!


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