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Bulimia Recovery


I am thrilled to publish my first ever video blog today, in which I share my bulimia recovery with you. This video will give you an overview of what I am planning to share with you during the following weeks, and months, and maybe years… ;-)


My goal is to empower people suffering from any kind of eating disorders or poor body image. May it be bulimia and binge eating (as I suffered from those for more than 15 years), or other related conditions such as chronic dieting and overeating, calorie counting, EDNOS or anything else that hold you back from having a totally peaceful relationship with food.


I really hope this might help you to step towards a better life! But don’t forget: this is just the beginning. If you want to get more resources to help you create a more peaceful relationship with food, wherever you’re at right now, please do check out the different resources I’ve got for you. You might just find the one piece of information that will help you get awesome, significant results and help you transform your life for the better.


As part of these resources is my website, my VLOG section, the Make Peace With Food, Change Your Life website and the bulimia recovery resources I created.


Please leave me your comments below. Feel free to share your own story or let me know if you’d like me to answer specific questions ;)


My Bulimia Recovery Journey



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  1. Summah says:

    You are SO inspiring honey!!!! Well done for speaking out, and I support you 100% x

  2. pauline says:

    Thanks so much!
    Your support is so precious ;)

  3. Pauline you are simply gorgeous + your accent is so adorable. This is such a powerful message and it is so awesome that you are sharing it xx

  4. Nikki says:

    I’m so proud of you Pauline. Congrats on your vlog and for your honesty and inspiration. You’re going to help so many people x

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