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How To Stay Positive In Bulimia Recovery


how to stay positive


In case you haven’t noticed, recovering from an eating disorder such as bulimia or binge eating can be quite draining at times! And I know only too well that it’s sometimes easy and tempting to give up and leave yourself getting caught up in a negative spiral.


However, we all know that it’s not the solution and that doing just the opposite will have much more impact and benefits.


It’s in our human nature to focus on what’s not working well, so from now on, I would encourage you to become aware of that and train your brain to focus on the positive instead.


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Now, I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever been caught up in a negative spiral and managed to get out of it by focusing on positive things in your life? Do you have any other tips and advices to stay positive when you need it the most?

Share your experience in the comments below and let’s get inspired!


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