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I am so honoured to have the amazing Kim Gatenby with me for this week’s video blog. Kim is an acupuncturist and a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. She has heaps of experience and has studied in China and Australia.


Kim is truly passionate about what she does and over the last 7 years, not only she healed thousands of people but she also founded her own clinics in St-Leonards and Dural in Sydney.


I am so happy to have her for this super interesting interview where we discuss the longterm impacts of disordered eating (chronic dieting included) as well as how to notice if our bodies need some help to heal and what to do to help them in this process.

I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did ;)



You can connect with Kim on Facebook, Pintesrest or contact her via her website, where you can also book an appointment, which I really recommend. Acupuncture is amazing and I am sure you will be surprised by all the benefits this can have!


Kim has also a ton of great resources on her blog as well as a tongue diagnosis that, I am sure, you will find very interesting!



Share with us in the comments below one action step you will take this week to improve your gut’s health and digestion.


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  1. Ellie says:

    This was very interesting and informative. Thank you Pauline & Kim. When I was on my medical tour in China, we saw A LOT of acupuncture, and at the time I was very sceptical, but after reading up on it, and hearing success cases I think it can help solve a variety of problems.
    I still want to know how the practitioner knows where to put the needles for what problems!?

    • pauline says:

      Hey Ellie,

      This is awesome! I bet it was very interesting ;)
      To be honest, I’ve been using acupuncture for almost a year now and it really helped me on different levels.
      It’s pretty impressive.

      Regarding where they put the needles for what issue, I am not able to answer but it’s all linked to our meridians. Kim’s blog is very interesting and might give you some answers ;)

      Take care

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