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Why are you bulimic or why are you struggling with food?


Why are you bulimic


This is a question that lots of us are wondering. However, the answer is never very clear nor striaght-forward.


You might think horrible things such as “I am broken“, “I can’t eat like other people without becoming obese“, etc. And this internal self talk doesn’t help you to get better, obviously. By talking to yourself like that, you re-enforce the idea that you’re ‘not normal’, that you can’t change because you’re ‘different’.


This is clearly what I was thinking when I was bulimic and I am sure this sounds familiar to you as well.


In this video I am explaining the main reason why you are bulimic or struggling with food + I invite you to take action towards a better life.


Like all human beings, you deserve health, happiness & freedom over food, so take this first action step today, watch this short video!


Why are you bulimic?




If you want results, you have to take action! Share in the comments below how your are restricting your food intake + one thing you can do this week to get better.


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  2. I love this video. Your question “Where are you restricting in your life?” really hit home. And not just in the food front. Sure I can talk about restricting foods during the elimination diet I am currently doing, or past calorie restrictions or nutrients I don’t get…but when you asked this question I nearly broke down in tears of thinking all the EMOTIONAL things I am restricting myself from and feel that I am restricting by others: not feeling loved by others, not giving myself love (restricting myself from love), restricting myself from fun by lack of confidence, restricting my possibilities by not believing in myself, being restricted from a lot of things due to lack of finances, being restricted due to visas (I am a global nomad, and me and my partner have different nationalities – visa issues, hah), being restricted from so many things in life due to my 24/7 chronic headaches I am trying to heal, restricting myself by still struggling with letting go of past traumas…and so on… These emotional restrictions may just be as important if not more important than restrictions on the nutritional level. Primary foods as defined by IIN (haha, can you see a new IIN-student’s enthusiasm ;-) ).

    • pauline says:

      Hi Kat,

      Thanks for your awesome comment!
      It’s crazy how your relationship with food is actually a mirror of your relationship to the world right?
      I LOVE your comment!

      We are usually using food to avoid certain feelings and emotions. Being aware of that and allowing yourself to feel things (even if it’s fear, stress, anxiety, etc) is one of the keys to recovery! Never forget that everyone feels this kind of feelings and this is totally all right! Allow yourself to be all right & perfectly imperfect, like everyone else on this earth ;-)

      Sending heaps of love & welcome to IIN. You will totally love it ;)
      Feel free to stay in touch about that as well!

  3. Teigankelly says:

    Hey pauline

    I think I restrict my carbohydrate intake and also my protein.

    I am a vegetarian and have a huge fear of carbs

    What r some good ways of helping me to add carbs into my diet?

    • pauline says:

      Hey sweets,
      A good way will be to allow you to have carbs when you crave them.
      Start adding complex carbs and good sources of protein.
      A lack of protein is not only dangerous but also creates sugar cravings.

      Adding enough of both into your diet is essential.
      Try food combining if you feel you’re bloated at the beginning ;)

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