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The Protein Intake You Need To Stop Binge Eating


protein intake


It’s common to hear that diminishing your intake in protein and animal products is a healthy habit and it sure is. However, during bulimia recovery or when struggling with disordered eating and food issues, we might also suffer from the opposite issue: a lack of protein.


A lack of protein is actually pretty harmful as well and might keep you away of your optimal health and hold you back in bulimia recovery (or any eating disorder recovery).


Check out this video to find out why it’s so important to keep an eye on your protein intake and how this might help you fight your sugar cravings!


 The Protein Intake You Need To Stop Binge Eating



This week’s tweetable: Get rid of your sugar cravings by keeping an eye on your protein intake.



This week little challenge will be to have a look at your protein intake and increase the amount of protein you are eating if you notice you don’t get enough.


Share in the comments below one thing you will do to increase your protein intake and let’s inspire each other about all the great ways we can get our protein intake!


And don’t forget to check the How To Stop Binge Eating online program. It’s awesome!


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  1. Thank you for this video. A month ago I learned that I was too low in protein. Since then I added more hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp protein and lentils in…but I know I still didn’t add enough. For some reason I fear protein. I fear the feeling of being full from protein. However, I am struggling with chocolate addiction/binges, after losing so much weight from trying to restrict my chocolate & doing an elimination diet. I am struggling with chronic headaches which I want to heal. I know so much about nutrition, my brain knows what to do…yet I am still not succeeding to follow through, I fear protein and can’t get control over my chocolate-binges at all :( I will try to add more protein. Thanks for the reminder.

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing Kat.
      You know that lack of protein is creating sugar cravings so I really think you’d benefit a lot to add more into your diet. Try hummus, lentils, cage-free, pasture eggs, etc…

  2. Miriam says:

    I think I lack also of proteins… for a the reason you’ve mentionned : I read everywhere that we eat too much proteins, and I did so the time I was restricting and focusing too much on proteins and weight/muscles…. But lately, looking for an optimal digestion and yummy healthy food, I found fresh fruits and veggies to be the best. I never followed a food trend, so I think it was funny to try. However, observing how it goes, I discovered that for a very good long-term result on a high-carb raw food lifestyle it is very important to workout, otherwise I won’t need to eat as much as an athlete does and therefore I won’t get enough amount of proteins from veggies and fruits/seeds/nuts only. So, because I sit a lot in school and unfortunately seem to have too little motivation to workout, I just won’t get anywhere with this funny awesome fully raw style, sadly said. ….provided that I suddenly become a fanatic of running and lifting ;-) ;-) (just joking…)
    So … I am going to add my favorite source of proteins, which are: whole eggs, red and black lentils, quinoa, broccoli and feta cheese !

    • pauline says:

      Good on you lovely ;)
      I think it’s great and I am sure you’ll benefit from it a lot. I saw a HUGE difference when I added back some animal protein into my diet such as eggs and fish.
      Let’s see how it goes ;)

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