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How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Bulimia


Stop Feeling Guilty About Bulimia


If you are struggling with food you might experience guilt or shame regarding your eating patterns.


These feelings might be very exhausting on a long term basis and are definitely impacting your self-worth and self-confidence.
If you can relate and experience such feelings in your relationship with food, check out this video and learn why you might feel this way, why you should stop that straight away and how you can shift that around and start getting better.


Accepting all of me is the first step to total self-love and happiness.

- Pauline Hanuise


How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Bulimia



This week’s tweetable: Accepting all of me is the first step to total self-love and happiness.



I’d love to hear about you and as you know, taking action is the only way you can get results.

So share in the comments below one thing you will do this week to stop feeling bad about your relationship with food.


Also, don’t forget to check out the how to stop binge eating program. It’s awesome and might just change your life!



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  1. jenny droho says:

    I use food as a coping mechanism because I think it will soothe me in the moment of frustration / anxiety. The truth is that I feel worse after I eat though, because my tummy hurts and I have not been fair to my kids and I have grieved God. Eating is something easy to do when I’m tired or angry or bored. It never is a handful though, it’s often a binge.

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing lovely. Food seems always a good option on the moment but is very destructive on the long term, as we all know. What could you do to soothe you next time you need something to help you with frustration / anxiety?
      Always remember that you can feel the urge but you have the power of not acting on them. A good thing at the beginning, on top of regular nutrition is to find alternatives such as yoga, jogging, etc. Changing environment and putting yourself in another situation will help you to get over it.
      But keep faith, I promise there is a way out and that life is much brighter and happier without food issue!

  2. Zqsuxxx says:

    I use food to treat my loneliness….i have great friends and people around me, but as soon as I enter my empty apartment, everything falls out of control and I lose all the discipline in front of myself. Of course, afterwards, i feel guilty and hate myself for that, but in that moment that seems to be the only solution to treat my loneliness?
    I try to stop and be strong, but always fall back. However, I will not stop fighting.
    Thanks for the support. Love, xxx

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing beautiful! Keep faith and keep getting informed. I promise that with the right info and support anyone can be get out of this. Freedom is at the end of the tunnel lovely and you deserve it!

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