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The Importance of External Support for Binge Eating Recovery


External Support for Binge Eating


In this week’s video I am talking about the role of support while recovering form binge eating and bulimia or any other eating issues. Why is it so important to open up about your issues and talk about them?


Talking about your eating issues when in the midst of an eating disorder is certainly not an easy thing.


Because of the shame and guilt it creates, it’s easy to find yourself stuck, hiding your problem to your loved ones.


If this is your case, this video is for you! I am giving you some options to try to move forward at your own pace. Step by step, together, we can create a better life.


If you are not confortable talking with people you know about your problems, feel free to drop me a line via my contact form. I’d be more than happy to help!


Don’t forget to check out the full online recovery program to stop binge eating!



External Support for Binge Eating



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