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Don’t Expect People To Understand What You Live In Bulimia Recovery


Bulimia Recovery


When struggling with bulimia or with other types of eating disorders, we often feel very lonely. Even tough opening up about that can be a real relief, you might something feel like your loved ones don’t understand what you are going through. They can’t seem to realise the pain that your illness generates in your life and often might just look detached about it.


They just don’t get it and it’s often very painful for us. Especially when opening up about it has been a real challenge.

In this video blog, I am telling why you can experience this pain and feel so lonely when struggling with eating disorders.

Even though you should except your loved ones to be there for you during the recovery process, you’ve probably noticed that they usually don’t understand what you live and this can be very frustrating.


In this video, you’ll learn why you can’t expect them to understand what you are going through and how to deal with this situation.


Don’t Expect People To Understand What You Live In Bulimia Recovery


If you want results, you have to take action! Share in the comments below if you already experienced this sensation of not being understood and one thing you will do next time it happens to avoid frustration.


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