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As you know, I have no issue to understand that being at peace with food and our own body is not always as easy as it seems.

Do you get that horrible feeling of guilt that creeps in after eating a second piece of chocolate?


You know, this little voice that tells you things like:

You shouldn’t do that, you are over-indulging. You’re already fat enough, you really don’t need it!

Oh look at you, you’ve just ruined your day. You did so well this morning and now, you’re throwing everything out of the window“.

I’ve been there!
I use to face this voice every single day for YEARSSS, until I finally decided I’d had enough and started my own bulimia recovery journey.


You might be struggling with a full-blown eating disorder like I did, gorgeous. If so, then I know you understand what it is to face this voice constantly.


But honey, I can tell you that you don’t even need a full-blown eating disorder to experience these nasty voices on a daily basis. Sadly, too many women live with this all their lives without thinking they can do anything about it.


The point is – wherever you’re at - I know these 3 essential tips will help you making peace with food and create a happier life.


Make Peace With Food

Here are 3 important things to make peace with food:

1. Stop depriving yourself

Believe it or not, but depriving yourself or restricting your food intake will only make you eat more in the long run. “What you resist, persists”, right? This is especially true in your relationship with food. There is a big difference between knowing you can have all the food you want but choose not to eat the crap stuff often, and thinking that you can’t have crappy foods because they are bad or will make you fat.
If you are depriving yourself from certain foods, sooner or later you’ll crave these specific foods and chances are that you’ll not enjoy them but binge instead.

2. Trust your body

Your body is the most powerful bio-computer on earth, so trust it and realise that you won’t become obese overnight if you eat a piece of chocolate cake or enjoy ‘not so healthy’ foods from time to time. Life is not perfect and you’ll never be able to eat the perfect diet because, first of all, it doesn’t exist, and finally it’s different for everyone. Your body can manage a bit of unhealthiness, as along as you don’t gorge on fast food every single day.

So, trust your body and stop being too strict on yourself about what you eat.

3. Always choose quality over quantity

Allow yourself to have fun foods (or comfort foods) once in a while but when you do, try to avoid fake foods and choose organic when possible. Reading the labels will definitely help. Remember that everything you eat will get absorbed into your blood stream and contribute to creating your body’s cells, brain and even mood and emotions. For example, someone who drinks coffee all day long won’t be the same person as someone who avoids stimulants.

So, always choose the best quality when possible.

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