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Are you running all the time like a headless chicken?



Always moving faster than the light, always doing something new which keeps you super busy 24/7?


Are you always thinking that you are not good enough in whatever you do? Are you scared by critics about your work or yourself? And even when people congratulate you, you usually experience some difficulties to trust them?


Does it ring a bell?


Actually I was one of these people and the thing is that you will never be happy if you live this way. Yeah, you heard me well: happiness is not hidden in ‘success’ lovely.


You probably think that you always have to do everything perfectly so people won’t be able to criticise you or won’t have bad judgement about you?


Because admit it… if you act this way, it’s overall because you are afraid of others’ judgement, right? Afraid that people won’t accept you, won’t love you for what you are. Instead you have to follow what they define as ‘success’ to make sure you get it right…


But I can tell you, at the end of the day it’s also your imperfections which create your personality and that’s why people love you, beautiful.


I lived like that almost all my life until I reached a state of intense stress, anxiety and very bad self image, about a year ago. Something had to change but I didn’t really know what before discovering surrender through my yoga practice.


Yoga taught me surrender and letting go and why this was an important part of the puzzle.


If you want a healthy and balanced life, surrendering must be part of your daily routine. Actually being able to surrender is as important as the self effort you put in your activities and goals. If you are too busy with self effort and your 1001 activities and projects, you will sink as fast as if you didn’t have any goals at all, running and stressing just for the sake of… nothing!


Balancing both of them, self effort and surrender, is part of any balanced life and helps you to actually appreciate your efforts. As my amazing yoga teachers used to say, you can compare that to the 2 wings of a beautiful bird flying high…


One of its wings is self effort and the other one is surrender. If one of them is heavier than the other, you, beautiful bird, will fall and be dead in no time. That’s why it’s vital to allow yourself some time to surrender every day, every week, every month of your wonderful life.


Are you wondering how will you be able to make this change? Here are a few tips to add surrender in your busy life:


  • If you feel close to mother nature, take some time to have a walk where you like to go, where you can connect with the nature around you without being disturbed.
  • If you feel good when practicing yoga, plan some time in advance to be able to practice yoga as often as you need to feel more centered.
  • Set up your minimums. For example I need to practice yoga at least every 2 days and meditate every day. So I make sure there is enough time for that into my schedule. Do the same! If you know you need to be alone at least once a day to feel at your best, book a moment in your day where you know you will be able to have 15 to 20 minutes for you, alone. This gonna be your special time for relaxation.


You deserve it and you know what? By doing that, you will be more connected with people around you, so it’s not only beneficial for you, but also for your family, your friends and even your wonderful pets.


This experience has changed my life. I am now more centered, more connected with myself and people around me… and I feel so much better. I no longer experience anxiety or stress because I think what I am doing is not good enough. Instead I’ve learned to appreciate my efforts and enjoy life. You too you deserve to be happy and enjoy every single part of your life, so slow down and try it. Tell us about your experience below, we’d love to hear about that!

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