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Learning about nutrition and how my body worked played a crucial role in my recovery from a 15-year struggle with bulimia.

Eating issues such as bulimia and chronic dieting are a kind of deprivation. One of the main keys to recovery is to re-nurture your body, which reduces the intensity of the binges and makes them disappear. Obviously it doesn’t happen overnight; this is a long process, but with motivation and commitment, recovery is possible. And you deserve it!

So here are a few tips to help increase your nutrient intake easily:

  • Drink some coconut water. The best is to drink it from the fresh young coconut, but packaged coconut water is fine, too (just try to choose one without added sugar or preservatives).

    Why? Coconut water will hydrate your body and rebalance your electrolytes. Electrolytes are vital for your health and are removed from the body by all types of deprivation or purging methods. 

  • Long-term deprivations (purging included) can be very dangerous, as they remove potassium, which is essential to make your heart beat regularly.

  • Add some good fats to your diet such as avocado, coconut oil (or coconut meat), nuts and seeds, flax oil, LSA, fish oil, etc. Good fats like these don’t make you fat, and are actually essential for repairing your tissues and your brain cells. They are also essential for maintaining a healthy body (that’s why we call them essential fatty acids). I eat them every single day and I’ve never felt so good.

  • Taking a food supplement can be beneficial. Try to choose a daily dose containing at least vitamins B (all of them, especially B6 and B12), vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. You can learn more about supplements with this short video blog or this article about vitamins.

  • Adding superfoods into your diet is also a great way to increase your nutrient intake without having to eat huge quantities of food. Superfoods are rich in vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients, minerals and electrolytes but are also very poor in calories. So, with just a small intake of superfoods you can get amazing benefits and start renourishing your body day after day, which is an essential step towards recovery.

Superfoods have changed my life and played a huge role in my recovery. You can find more information about superfoods here.

I am sure these small steps will greatly (and easily) improve your nutrition intake, increase your energy and vitality, and give you the strength you need to recover. ;-)

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