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As you know, my goal is to help YOU get the life you deserve, beautiful!

That’s why, with my friend and fellow recovery coach, Polly Mertens, we have put all our love and knowledge to organise a FREE webinar to help you Regain Freedom Over Food.


Here is what you’re going to learn in this webinar:


  • Let go of your shame and regain your freedom
  • Get new tools you can use immediately to stop binge eating
  • Learn how to stop the insane voice in your head and feel powerful around food
  • Eat normally and stop turning to food when you are stressed and overwhelmed
  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently improve your relation with food




Friday May 17, 9am (AEST – Eastern Australian time – Sydney)

Thursday May 16, 7pm (EST – Eastern Standard Time – NYC)

Friday May 17, 1am (CET – Central European time – Brussels/Paris)


Even if this time is not convenient for you, sign up and you will receive the free video recording afterwards to watch at home.


If you’ve got questions for Polly and myself, you can post them on the Respect Yourself community on Facebook or send them via email by Thursday, May 16.

Pauline Hanuise



Pauline Hanuise

Holistic Health & Eating Disorder Coach

Founder of Pauline Hanuise Coaching & Respect Yourself




Polly Mertens

Bulimia Recovery Coach

Founder of Get Busy Thriving!
Meet Polly here.

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