Vegan Maca Hot Chocolate


I am totally in love with this vegan maca hot chocolate. I wanted to find a substitute for coffee, which I was enjoying a bit too much lately, and this has just been totally amazing. I have it every day since then and I haven’t looked back (I keep coffee for the weekends ;) ).


Not only this will give you a warm comfy drink that will give a gentle boost, but it’s much healthier (and also tastier) than coffee.


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Vegan Maca Hot Chocolate Recipe





1 mug almond milk (or your favorite substitute)

1 heaping teaspoon maca powder

1 heaping teaspoon cacao powder

1 pinch cinnamon




Cacao nibs






Carefully heat your almond milk to a simmer. Then blend it for a few seconds with your maca and cacao powders.


Pour the liquid into your favorite mug and sprinkle some cacao nibs and cinnamon on top.




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