Strawberry Tiramisu (Vegan)


When I saw the recipe for a traditional strawberry tiramisu in an airline magazine, I had to make my own version.


It’s the strawberry season here in Malta and they are so delicious, I am currently eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (no kidding!).


Add them to some coconut whipped cream and you’re already in heaven… So wait to try that sumptuous vegan strawberry tiramisu, you won’t get enough of it ;)


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Strawberry tiramisu



Strawberry Tiramisu (Vegan)


What you need (serves 3)


1 can coconut cream (refrigerated overnight)

3 of your favorite gluten-free, vegan biscuits in small chunks (or some raw buckwheat groats – about 3 tablespoons)

2 tablespoons stevia granules (or coconut sugar, or xylitol, or your favorite solid sweetener)

250 grams fresh strawberries (roughly chopped and mashed)

Some raw cacao powder



What you do


1. Put your coconut cream (without the liquid) in your high speed blender  and blend to obtain some coconut whipped cream. Put aside

2. In your little cups, place a base of biscuit (or buckwheat groats)

3. Add about a teaspoon of cacao powder in each cup.

4. Separate your coconut whipped cream in 3 servings and add them in each cup.

5. Add one layer of cacao powder on top of the cream.

6. Finish with the strawberry mash.



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