Liver Love Juice


This liver love juice will give you all you need to flush toxins and fake oestrogen from your liver. Fake oestrogen are everywhere in our day to day lives (from the contraceptive pill to excess soy consumption to chemical exposure to hormonal treatments, etc) and put a lot of strain on our livers.


This is why it’s important to help your liver detox naturally and gently on a regular basis and beetroot juice does just that.


This gorgeous coloured juice will give you all you need for that. I’ve mixed it with a couple of other ingredients to make the taste unforgettable ;)


It’s truly delicious!


If you have a juicer, it’s made in minutes, so no excuses!



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Liver Love Juice


What you need (serves 2)


4 small red beets (or 2 big) – organic is best

2 green apple oranges

1 lime

1 piece of ginger



What you do


1. Juice everything with your awesome juicer.

2. Serve with a couple of ice cubes.



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