Healthy Alcohol Free Champagne


I freaking love Champagne! But I won’t tell you anything new if I say that alcohol is probably not the best thing for your health. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fine to have some good stuffs once in a while but it’s always good to have an awesome alcohol free alternative ;)


This healthy alcohol free champagne will be your new best friend if you like celebrating life without the alcohol intake. Pregnant women, healthy peeps and recovering addicts, this one is definitely for you!


Not only it’s easier than making a cocktail but it will help replenish minerals and electrolytes. Your body will love you for that!


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Healthy Alcohol Free Champagne



What you need (serves 2)


1 cup coconut water

1 cup sparkling water

1/2 cup lime juice



What you do


1. Juice your lime and put it in a jar.

2. Add coconut water.

3. Add sparkling water. Adjust the taste by adding more or less sparkling water as needed.


Cheers ;-)



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