Build your online business


Have you been wanting to become your own boss and design life on your own terms?


Let me ask you those sensitive questions:


  • Is your 9 to 5 job killing your soul?
  • Are you tired of spending precious hours commuting and being someone else’s “modern slave”?
  • Are you sick spending your life creating someone else’s dreams and building someone else’s empire?
  • Are you living pay cheque to pay cheque?


Or maybe you are running an online business but are feeling too isolated and tired of surfing the waves of financial inconsistency?


Do you want to find a smarter way and stop trading time for money?


If this is your case and are open to something new, then read on gorgeous… The fact that you’re on this page right now is no coincidence.



When I left Sydney to live in Bali and travel in South East Asia in 2013, I had managed to create what I wanted most: more freedom.


I no longer had a boss and I could work from the most beautiful places in the world, when I wanted to.


But I quickly realised that, even-though I reached geographical freedom and time freedom, I was still trading my time for money, which was obviously limiting my earning potential.


I could work from wherever and whenever I wanted but unless I was willing to coach full-time for the rest of my life, I was not generating proper wealth.


I know this kind of topics are still often targeted to male audiences (unfortunately). But let’s face it ladies, if you want to build solid wealth with make-up reviews on YouTube and recipe eBooks, it will take you quite a few years (like forever) and a lot of work, not mentioning the money to invest in ads and promotions to get your work out there and generate leads.

But let’s say you’re a super successful coach and don’t have any issue to be seen and find new clients on a regular basis. How many clients would you need to generate the income that will allow you to retire? And when?


Do you want to coach (or work) till 65 and retire with a pension plan, or try to retire as early as possible, so you can work by passion and not by need?


On my side, as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, I knew for sure that I didn’t want to be a burned out coach seeing dozens of clients per week, preaching something I was not living anymore.


I didn’t want to even try to make a living from teaching yoga either, adding the pressure to meet my financial needs to my spiritual practice and teaching, with over 20 classes per week on my schedule.


In fact, I don’t think you can provide good quality services, nor enjoying what you do in these conditions.


When it comes to wealth, diversification is key and there is no secret… this is a number game!


So I guess the main question to ask yourself is: “what can generate high value without too much of your input?”.


As One of my biggest mentors, Tim Ferriss, teaches – get yourself out of the equation from the very beginning, so you get your business work for you – and not the other way around.


If I wanted to become financially free, I had indeed to remove myself from the equation from the very beginning. And even if there are many options to do that, here are the ones I found the easiest, most interesting, and less risky:


  • Real Estate Investing
  • Information Products Creation (and automation) – such as online courses and trainings
  • Affiliate & Network Marketing


Usually when you get started in Real Estate Investing and Information Products Creation, there is no one by your side to teach you what to do and help you make the right decisions straight away (unless you find the perfect coach and pay big money to hire him / her). There is heaps to learn upfront and you often need a capital to start with for both options. On top of that, they both usually take years to scale up.


Affiliate and Network Marketing, on the opposite, allow you to create a thriving residual, recurring income with practically no investment at all, while offering unlimited earning possibilities. This type of business can also scale up quite quickly, sometimes in just a few weeks, depending on how committed you are.


Because I deeply think any woman has the right to access this kind of freedom, and create their dream life (and even retire their husband if they want to – and not at 65), I am creating my own team of women to do just that. A beautiful sisterhood of like-minded women (and a few men) entrepreneurs from all over the world, who are dedicated to make it happen.


Are you a big dreamer, high achiever who…


  • Doesn’t want to wait to turn 65 to retire and finally live your dreams (only to find out you won’t have the energy nor the health to do so anymore)
  • Doesn’t want to spend their whole life in a job they don’t like
  • Doesn’t want to live only 2 days per week and say “Thank God It’s Friday!”


If this is you, I want to speak with you!


I firmly believe we’re creating our own boundaries + limiting beliefs. BUT we also have the power to change them, anytime!

This is our responsibility because no one else can do it for us!


Nobody will step out of the dark saying: “Hey you! Yeah, you gorgeous – I’ll make you super successful from now on! This is my mission & I have your back.


Unfortunately, this is not going to happen!


YOU have to do that for yourself babe, otherwise, you might just spend the rest of your life playing your poor little victim and waiting for someone to save you. Or you might just spend the rest of your life half asleep waiting for your big wake up call telling you to make your dreams happen – only to realise it’s already too late!


So, what are you afraid of?

What is holding you back from reaching your greatest potential?

What is getting in the way to achieving your dreams?


As a new mum, I know that wanting to work from home, so that your little one doesn’t spend his / her days in childcare is NOT a luxury. I know that being present for your child, especially when he / she is very little is important – this is when they need us most!


Being able to enjoy those precious moments (because it goes so fast) instead of spending your days in your cubicle is price less – you’ll never be able to get those moments back. So what about doing just that and earning an extra $2,000 per month by working on your own business a couple of hours a day?


Whether you’re a mom working full-time and wanting to quit your job (or switch to part-time), so you can spend more time with your little one, an existing entrepreneur who’d like to diversify your business, or someone who’d like to build a successful online business but don’t know where to start, I can help!


I can help YOU build a successful online business and create true FREEDOM, so you can live life on your own terms…


  • Geographical freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Financial freedom


You can have it all. Let me help you by teaching you how to duplicate my business model…


Here is how it works:


1. Get in-depth training to create and grow a solid online business (health or business related).

2. Access a worldwide network of highly successful online entrepreneurs.

3. Get personal mentoring and coaching.

4. Create your business on your own terms. You make the rules.

5. Be part of a sisterhood of like minded business women.

6. Get invitations to exclusive events.

7. Duplicate our business model and scale it easily as you develop and grow your online and offline presence.


If you are slightly curious, open to something new, ready to be part of something bigger, and willing to build a successful business, then enter your details below and I’ll be in touch shortly with more details and your FREE starter pack ;)