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Beauty perception

As my boyfriend was learning photography, I had the chance to have a look at his work. He recently studied studio lighting. I knew this was all super important but as I saw the results, his work and all the details that needed to be taken into account, I realised more than ever that the beautiful pictures of models we see everywhere are very far from our reality.

For example, a slight change in the lighting can have an impact so huge that it can just transform a beautiful creature in a real monster and vice versa. On top of that, add the impact of the make up artists, who are totally re-drawing the lips, the eyes, re-defining the colours, etc.
Creating beautiful pictures with gorgeous models is not something easy. Every bit is calculated and many tricks and tools are used to create the perfect picture. And I am not even talking about Photoshop and all the retouching work that is done once the pictures have been taken.

I am writing about that because I thought being already quite aware about all of that. Having worked in the web, with Photoshop and other tools, I knew we could have an important impact on photos but I was still pretty far from our reality. I think every girl and woman on this planet should be educated about that and stop comparing themselves to unreal beauty models. That’s why I really like and respect the work of incredible women like Jennifer Siebel, creator of Miss Representation, and Jean Kilbourne, creator of Killing Us Softly and many other documentaries and books.

These women are doing an amazing job trying to increase awareness about the impact of woman’s body in the media and advertising, which is definitely creating huge issues for younger and younger girls. God bless them!

I think this Dove video can actually give you a better idea about what we are constantly seeing and defining as ‘model of beauty‘:

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