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Svadhisthana chakra is just below the navel and is associated with our emotions. It represents desire, pleasure, sexuality and procreation. Its element is water, referring to change, fluctuation and movement.


An imbalance in our Svadhisthana chakra can lead to loss of creativity, low sexual energy, feeling of dullness, loss of emotion and even depression. It can lead us to stay stuck in a routine we don’t like and make us feel bad about who we are. Avoiding pleasurable activities is also a sign of blockages in our sacral chakra.


On the other hand, signs of an excessive energy in our second chakra could generate intense reactions and a very emotional behaviour, sexual addiction or even poor boundaries.


This week we will focus on nourishing and rebalancing our Svadhisthana chakra in the aim to awaken creativity towards our intentions.


The foods that nourish this chakra are especially the orange and sweet ones such as carrots, mangoes, oranges, pumpkins and squashes. But liquids are also very important for this chakra. So try to drink lots of clean filtered water as it’s absolutely essential.

Cinnamon and ginger are also great to balance this energy center, so I would suggest adding them to your breakfast or any other dishes. Preparing some infusions with these spices can be great to drink throughout the day.

Just place a cinnamon stick or some fresh ginger cubes into 1-1.5 liter of hot water for a delicious infusion. You can also mix both to have a beautiful cinnamon/ginger tea.


Here are a few recipes to help you nourish your Svadhisthana chakra:



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