Why You Binge Eat & How To Stop

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Why You Binge Eat And How To Stop

In order to stop binge eating for good, we must start to understand WHY we actually binge eat and what are the mechanisms in place that push us to eat in this ‘out-of-control’ way.

In this video I’ll explain you everything about why you binge eat, how your system works and what makes you eat in this ‘out-of-control’ way.

This video is the first lecture of my Stop Binge Eating & Transform Your Life eCourse, which you can access here.

It’s about 15min long, so get a cup of your favourite herbal tea and make yourself comfy. You deserve to take these 15 min for yourself, to improve your health and quality of life 😉

I know you’ll love it because you’ll discover very interesting things about your eating patterns. You’ve got to start here. This is the foundation to a deeper work to full recovery.

Here is why you binge eat and how to stop:

Download your play-sheet PDF here.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Can you relate to this and if yes, what’s the first thing you can start to shift to get results and re-create a peaceful relationship with food?

Share your experience in the comments below to help and inspire others!

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I’d love to hear from you!

Please share with me all the questions you might have about your behaviours around food. I have been there too, and my deepest hope is to shine some light to show you the way out!





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