Food Quantities In Bulimia Recovery

The 2 best techniques to help you find the right food quantities for you, in your bulimia recovery

What are the right food quantities in bulimia recovery?

Food quantities in bulimia recovery (and more broadly in eating disorder recovery) is a topic I get asked about a lot. And this is no surprise (I’ll explain why in a minute but in the meantime, please stop being shameful about not being able to stop eating on time!).

Defining the right food quantities in bulimia recovery (or eating disorder recovery) can be tricky. Very tricky! And for a good reason.

Because an eating disorder, with time, makes us lose track of our hunger and satiety sensations. We thus often end up letting ourselves get too hungry and then eat till we are too full, which only deepens the vicious cycle of the eating disorder.

It can in fact be highly triggering for most. So you get the picture. You have lost your satiety and hunger sensations and are unable to stop eating when you’re full. Then you feel horrible because you’ve eaten too much, which in turn triggers your eating disorder behaviors. And you end up either purging or starving yourself again. Not to mention all the self-loathing and negative self-thoughts and feelings that come along with this pattern because we think it’s our fault.


Understanding your body


Let’s dive a little bit more into how your body works to understand that it’s not totally your fault. In fact, you might just be trapped in a pattern you don’t fully understand.

Your body is designed to send you clear messages to have you eat and stop eating. This is regulated via some of our hormones that are getting produced when we eat in order for us to be in tune with our hunger and satiety levels.

However, when we mess up with these signals in the long term, we can lose this sensitivity. Thus making it really hard to guess when we should eat, how much, and when we should stop. Or making it hard to feel satisfied when we are full because we simply don’t get the signal.

From experience, sugar only makes things worse. Sugar addiction, which is often combined with an eating disorder, makes it even harder because it tends to suppress the production of these hormones. So you can have a really hard time getting those feelings of fullness. This just makes you want more and more.

But rest assured that this is not a death sentence. Your body is the most amazing bio-computer on earth and it can get back to balance if you just give it a bit of time to readjust. You’ll get those hormones working again if you learn to reconnect with your body sensations and start to limit sugary foods.

So, how can you do that you’ll ask… 

Check out today’s video below to find out…

What you’ll learn in this video


In this video, you’ll learn 2 techniques to help you find what are the best food quantities for you. They will also help you reconnect with your hunger and satiety sensations in order to reconnect with those and listen to your body signals.

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