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I learned so much and I was able to put the ideas immediately into practice and already see results.


I have gained much more self-confidence, self-love and overall peace of mind. My experience has been amazing!


No words will ever truly reflect the immense gratitude I have for you, and the way in which you have helped me… you have changed my life.


Pauline’s knowledge and wisdom are admirable and she is a great role model. My future will be longer and filled with happiness.


Everything we create is designed to help you Make Peace With Food and upgrade your life.

Whether you’d like to heal your relationship with food, change career, become location independent or

nourish your body and soul to be your most vibrant self, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve helped countless women creating a better life for themselves.

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Read how Aline changed her entire life...

My experience with Pauline’s coaching started because I was suffering from a deep eating disorder, which was making my life very complicated and very sad. It was all very dark.

Since I signed up for Pauline’s coaching my life has completely changed in an extremely positive way: I am now happy!

I know it’s sounds unreal and it’s still hard for me to believe how much positive impact she brought into my life.

Pauline was able to understand me, describe accurately every step of the illness recovery, re-educate me to eat and enjoy food. She hold my hand through all steps reassuring me and giving me the opportunity to regain more self-confidence.

Some of these steps haven’t been easy at all. I had to face a huge emotional turmoil. However, all that is part of the recovery journey.

After only 3 months of coaching, I am now able to experience happiness again. Such an amazing feeling!

The food aspect was obviously a big challenge. However, I noticed big changes occurring regarding my behaviour towards food. Pauline definitely educated me to nourish my body in the right way but even more importantly, she showed me how to nourish my mind.

Pauline has been an amazing coach, bringing mind & body to top energised levels. I am still learning a lot and always looking forward to our next session.

Where am I now? I still have some work to do to recover totally but as far as I am now… I am enjoying life, which was unbelievable for me a few month ago. My life is still changing in a significative way.

Whatever will be your coaching needs, I strongly believe Pauline will bring you to your full potential on Body & Mind! Your happiness has no price, just give yourself the opportunity to learn a bit more about yourself. It is worth it!

Learn more about Aline’s success story and how she’s created a life beyond her wildest dreams here.

Discover how Ann has recovered from a 25-year battle with bulimia...

What were your main fears and doubts about coaching? 

My main fear was really letting myself down and also that someone would know.  I have been bulimic for 20+ years and also fit, successful, pretty, married, 2 healthy kids (10 + 12) – I have it ALL!

But I also had this terrible secret!  

So this question could really be answered in a book… but I have to say the two biggest things were being FOUND OUT (even if I chose to work with Pauline and pay her) and that I would not be able to do it and then I would look like a failure and be a failure to myself. 

Why did you choose this program? 

I chose the program because I read a couple of Pauline’s blogs and felt I could relate to her.

I went on her website (cautiously, I must add) and really felt that one on one would work best for me  because my secret was so hidden and I felt that I truly needed personal attention and someone that could really relate to what I was dealing with. 

I find it challenging to say the words, recovery or bulimia, but Pauline has really put a smile in my heart and I feel some freedom (in other various parts of my life) that I would have never felt without this time with her. 

We started with a weekly Skype session and I got better quite quickly which was astonishing to me… it truly was. I felt I had no REAL hope and I might do a bit better but I felt that this binging and purging was really in my cells… ingrained in me! But it turned out and it wasn’t.

What kind of changes were you aiming for? 

I wanted to, first of all, come clean and tell someone that could be non judgmental and help me- that alone is  enough for me to really answer the question.

Can you tell me a bit more about your experience?

But as we got going, I could tell quickly as I was making progress that  I would just keep aiming higher.  And when I say that, I mean I would keep loosening my boundaries on ‘things’ and exploring new ways to think, new ways to do things.  I am not going to say all of it was easy.  There were times where I didn’t win and I would mentally wrestle about binging…it was tough at times

What kind of shifts and changes have you experienced? 

I made subtle yet powerful shifts and I do mean like learning to ride a bike or having a manual to do something. 

Pauline would listen and almost try and customize my ‘recovery’ so that she could deal with what I was dealing with at that specific time. 

So much goes through your head and I have to say… so much was about a bad habit that was very hard for me to stop. I had honestly gotten used to this terrible habit and giving it up….that is when she started to share ‘self love’ techniques with me.  As goofy as self love sounds… I realized then and now that I was self destructive – almost trying to harm myself by binging and purging – but on the outside… always perfect to anyone looking in! 

I had convinced myself of things and Pauline really helped me see the ‘new light’ and rework my neural pathways to not allowing me to step into that ‘pattern’, and sadly enough… something I thought I needed!

How do your feel about your future?

I feel fully engaged in my future.

I feel a weight lifted off of me in so many ways. I am still in recovery and it is a process each meal of the day but I find I win 90% if not 100% of the time.

My weight was very important to me and through this 6-7 month process (due to be 45 and having some small hormonal imbalances) my weight did fluctuate and I am here to tell you: I was NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT! 

But sitting here typing this today, I am truly at peace with the extra 5 lbs and I think I look great and healthy. I was a bit restrictive with my diet at first and I honestly needed to do that to probably feel I was in control of things. But it also gave me one week of no binging and purging, which led to two weeks and then 3 weeks…

I have to admit I did “relapse” but Pauline was right there… honestly! It was almost like she was picking me up! We regrouped and she spoke from her heart about ‘falling’ too, early in recovery and how hard it can be, but together we did it! 

Thank you so much Pauline. This is not a perfect science so please know if you are reading this, you have to do this as your mind and your body will allow but you can grow and get better. No one is perfect!

About relapse

When I did relapse, I really struggled to ‘forgive myself’ after I had spent almost 3 weeks clean of binging and purging!

I was OVER THE MOON that I really did this but then fell on both knees very hard. I was at a real loss and Pauline could tell that I had taken it very hard.

She told me, she herself, had relapsed a few times in recovery. I was so grateful that she told me that because ‘this’ is such a hidden secret that it’s impossible to share these feelings with almost anyone, so I was glad to have Pauline comfort me and get me back on track and let me know that I had made great strides and that, she herself, had similar setbacks beginning recovery.

I think that was the turning point for me because I told Pauline I was going to just try and get through one meal at a time, and my recovery became about choosing to make the right steps “ONE MEAL AT A TIME”. And this really helped me to not get manic or in my head about my options and ‘be kind to myself’ and get through the meal.

I was able to move forward to the next small snack or meal with my health and truly more of a ‘that a boy’ kind of good feeling that I had made good decisions and that momentum has brought me to where I am now.

Someone that is relaxed in front of food and looking for healthy options and just starting to reach for some things I probably would not have and be OK with it like a bite of this or that (dessert or pizza). And know that a bite won’t hurt or send me into a spiral!

I hope that anyone reading this will know I NEVER thought I would beat bulimia… never! 

And I am on my 7th month of successful recovery working my ‘one meal at a time’ to the point that I am truly happy!


Discover how Cathrin set herself free...

Working with Pauline is the best investment I have ever made. The most important investment in myself and my health.

After struggling with bulimia for 10 years, I decided to try something new that could help finally understand what I have been missing in my journey to let go of the eating disorder. Pauline is amazing. Within a few months she helped me to understand what my eating disorder really was about, and how I could – through great tools and exercises – learn to manage the struggles and fears I was dealing with.

Today I am happy and free.

Food is not longer something I find comfort in any more. Food is something that gives me life, energy, health and wellbeing. I learned to love myself on a deep level and today I know how I can get back into balance when life gets challenging.

Read how Zoe stopped binge eating and regained self-love and confidence...

Before I started working with Pauline I was pretty miserable!

I had been trying to get over my eating disorder for years but hadn’t been successful. I had been doing a lot of 12-step work but even-though that had helped me, I was still caught up in the bingeing and purging cycle. Not a very nice plan for my life.
I wasn’t feeling great with my body and life. My self-esteem was also very low, lower than it has ever been. I doubted myself on many levels and was really harsh on my own person. Not forgiving nor loving.
The worst was that I didn’t even realise it. It thought it was just life and how others also lived it!

Before starting, I was concerned that the work would be based on self-analysis. Although I had already done a lot of 12-step work through OA and loved the group, I just felt that more introspection wouldn’t really help me.

My experience with Pauline’s coaching has been amazing! ?I have really learned to love myself. Working with Pauline was great! She is always full of good advices, kind and supportive. She knows how to direct you on the right path and to tell you the exact things you need to hear in order to open your eyes. She will teach you a new way of looking at things and at life in general.

I have changed a lot! It’s hard to explain it all but for me it mostly comes down to accepting and loving who I am – on all levels. I have gained confidence and trust in myself as well as self-love and overall peace of mind.
I loved it!

Read how Jen's fully recovered from bulimia...

I had been in recovery for many years before starting Pauline’s Make Peace With Food program. I considered myself to be at a plateau stage of my recovery. I had already made a fair amount of progress. I had enough energy to function day to day and hold down my full time job. However I was still binging and purging several times per week.

I was anxious, stressed and depressed. I felt like I needed bulimia to cope with life but I hated it at the same time. I hated myself and my body and felt a huge amount of guilt and shame.

What were your main fears and doubts about the program?

I was worried that it wouldn’t help, I felt like I’d “tried everything” but nothing would really help me. I was also scared of losing bulimia as a coping mechanism. I was worried about gaining weight. I thought I would never be free.

But I knew that I needed help to do this. I had already tried a few different recovery methods before and hoped this would be a different approach. I wanted to change my life and be happy, healthy and strong.

What kind of changes were you aiming for?

I wanted to be completely free of bulimia and binge eating, get happier and healthier, which I did!

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience?

I hadn’t tried coaching before but I loved Pauline’s approach. It’s more personal than psychology. Pauline’s approach is more motivating, inspirational and the activities are fun. I found when I do that and follow Pauline’s guidance everything else fells into place.

What kind of shifts and changes have you experienced with the program?

I have experienced huge changes in myself. My outlook on life, my thoughts and feelings about myself have totally shifted. I’m much happier and able to deal with stress. I love myself more every day and I am also much more comfortable in my body. I am eating very well and I am feeling more vibrant and energetic.

I feel amazed and very proud about that!

How do your feel about your future?

I am excited about all the things I plan to do and I know that recovery is 100% possible for me.

See how Laura's transformed her life in just 6 months...

Dear Pauline,

I remember the day that I first contacted you, I remember exactly how I felt… or perhaps I didn’t, because fast forwarding to the morning just before our last session together, I found a letter that I wrote out of desperation. The last line read:


That line weighs a little heavy on my heart, but only for a moment, only because of the darkness I felt at that particular moment in time.

I have suffered with bodies issues, food issues, self worth all my life and I never ever believed that it would or could change… that was of course until I met you.

I had been through everything; counselling, exercise, fad diets, personal trainers, restricting, bulimia.. the works! Admittedly I was not sure if even you could ‘fix me’ I felt completely and utterly unfixable.

Here I am today, just over six months on and I have transformed.

You have helped me to see that I am the person in control, and responsible for my own happiness. You have helped me to see that I am a beautiful person inside and out. You have helped me to see, and live my real truth. You have helped me to believe in myself, beyond all doubt. You have helped me to be proud of myself and all of my achievements in life thus far. You have made me see my true strength. You have helped me to learn how to let go of things that no longer serve me in a positive way. But most of all dear Pauline, you have taught me to love myself unconditionally, beyond all doubt and reason, but most of all to know that I deserve it, and I deserve to be happy.

No words will ever truly reflect the immense gratitude I have for you, and the way in which you have helped me… you have changed my life.

Thank you dear Pauline, from the bottom of my heart.

I am happy. I deserve it. I have found peace.

Thank you.

Your friend for life,

x Laura x

Discover what Mira thinks about Make Peace With Food...

I can’t speak highly enough of this course. The material that Pauline presents here is SO empowering and really nothing you will find just browsing the internet and in blogs and whatnot. I’ve done a ton of reading/research. I’ve only found clarity here.

I learned so much and I was able to put the ideas immediately into practice and already see results.

I’ve never met Pauline personally and I’m the type of person who never writes reviews. I’m writing this simply because from the bottom of my heart, I think this course can change your relationship with your body, yourself, your mind and food for the rest of your life like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I did email Pauline a question and she was so incredibly generous with her responses so you truly can reach out to her as she says. The way Pauline presents the information (she is so empathetic, kind and also extremely clear) it will make you feel better immediately in addition to giving you real, solid things you can do to turn your life around.

She also doesn’t overcomplicate things, which is another gift that makes recovery so much more achievable in my opinion. You don’t need to suffer anymore. Do sign up. I can say with all my heart, it is totally absolutely worth it and I’m happy for you for having found this!

This is the only course you’ll ever need for 100% clarity and all the right tools for binge eating and bulimia recovery.

Make Peace With Food

A powerful program to heal your relationship with food and stop binge eating once and for all.

Make Peace With Food

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“Make Peace With Food allowed me to move away from food obsessions, to think big and have the energy and focus to move towards my dreams.”


“Working with Pauline is the best investment I have ever made. The most important investment in myself and my health. After struggling with bulimia for 10 years, I decided to try something new. Fast forward to today: I am happy and free.”


“My outlook on life, my thoughts and feelings about myself have totally shifted. I love myself more every day, I am much happier and I am also much more comfortable in my body.”


“I had already tried many different things to recover but this program saved my life. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this experience.”


“I am so happy I’ve found Make Peace With Food! I’ve done a ton of reading/research. I’ve only found clarity here.”


“I have really learned to love myself and this changes everything. I have changed a lot – on all levels – and feel really positive about my future.”

Yoga Testimonials

A good body work-out, nice and challenging, and lovely relaxing meditation. Loved it, thank you!


I really liked this one, thank you! Also love that you’re guiding us to be present in our bodies and warm up/strech and not rush into working out!


Great session thank you Pauline. Perfect for morning practice for me personally!


Love it! The feeling of deep relaxation that comes with it is so nice 🙂 Thank you Pauline


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