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All the products I’ve created have been specially designed to help you improve your health and create more freedom into your life.

When it comes to food freedom, health, nutrition or location independence, I’ve got you covered.

I hope you’ll enjoy these products as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them and I know they will help you design your life on your own terms!

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Find out my exhibition dates, browse through the beautiful pictures, give yourself the opportunity to choose something from the shop, or reach out for commissions and tailored-made pieces.

Become A Holistic Health Coach

Interested in making a living from your passion, working from anywhere, and making a difference in the world?

Then The Institute For Integrative Nutrition might be what you’re looking for.

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1:1 Coaching

Need tailored professional help?

Whether you’d like to gain more self-confidence, recover from a torturous relationship with food, make a career change that suits you, or get the best results when it comes to nutrition and exercise – coaching will help fast-track the process and create a better life for yourself!


My sugar cravings started to fade away naturally. It really changes everything!


I loved it. Addressing the physical side first was huge for me!


Thank you so much for your amazing coaching series, I found it really helpful.


My self confidence started to increase already. It feels so good!


Free Email Coaching Series + eBook

Get my “7 Secrets To Make Peace With Food” eBook along with a Free 2-week email coaching series to put new concepts into practice straight-away.

This is the foundation to a healthier, natural and peaceful relationship with food.

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Make Peace With Food Program

The ultimate holistic approach to heal from destructive eating patterns that address the different levels of the issue simultaneously.

This life-changing program will teach you how to break free from binge eating, bulimia and other destructive patterns around food.

The truly amazing results we’ve gotten speak for themselves.

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Just Need A Private Consultation?

I’ve recovered from a 15-year battle with full-blown bulimia and created the life of my dreams. I’ve helped countless women from all over the world do the same and get the life they really wanted, where bulimia and food addictions have no place.

Because we can’t enjoy life at its fullest with an eating or a self-limiting issue, and because it’s our birthright to be healthy, happy and free, my mission is to give you the information and techniques you need to create a better life.

If you need a private chat with me, please contact me via the form below:

  • The video call would be via a Whereby private meeting room (if you prefer another method, let me know)
  • I speak English and French
  • The fee is 125 EUR (60 min max.)

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