Recover from binge eating by understanding and using your blood type

Discover what your blood type is telling you, how it impacts your digestion and how you can use it to recover from binge eating

Recover from binge eating by understanding and using your blood type

This week, I wanted to share a few interesting things I have noticed in my practice over the past decade, helping women recovering from binge eating and bulimia.

When it comes to blood type, I was always amazed to see that most women coming to see me for an eating disorder (binge eating, bulimia, or anorexia) were O blood type. Being myself O blood type, I couldn’t help but pay attention to this little piece of information.

After noticing the pattern for several years, I started to believe there must be a link, somehow, between eating disorders and blood types. This is when I started to dig a bit deeper. I researched how our blood type was impacting our health, and more especially binge eating recovery.

I was aiming to find patterns that were so common that I could start drawing some general conclusions. More especially applying to eating disorder recovery.

And this is exactly what I did…

Understanding the patterns

The first thing we have to understand is that eating disorders are not a mental illness. I would actually even argue they are an illness per se. To me – and it took me years to understand that – they are just a consequence of something deeper. Not especially happening in our mind (mental health), but in our gut.

It’s now becoming well-known that our gut is our second brain. Not only doctors around the world are now linking a huge range of chronic diseases to the gut, but I also have witnessed – first hand on my clients and myself – that by healing the gut, we could also heal other issues. Not only diseases such as depression and chronic fatigue but also things such as auto-immune diseases and eating disorders.

So, just as depression and auto-immune diseases are consequences of a deeper problem (happening in the gut), so is the same for eating disorders.

But what about blood type?

What if our blood type had a direct impact on our gut’s health?

What if our blood type was defining how our gut was functioning – its strengths and weaknesses, if you will – and that we could use the knowledge to heal?

It turns out it’s not only totally possible, science actually shows us it is the case. And if your blood type has a direct impact on your gut, it’s also very possible that certain blood types are more sensitive than others. More sensitive to certain things and foods for example. And thus more prone to develop an eating disorder (and other diseases).

What you’ll learn

In this video, you’ll learn all the details about the different blood types and how they impact your gut. Even though only 35% of the US population that is O Blood Type, more than 90% of the women who come to my practice are O Blood Type. Is this a coincidence?

I don’t think so…

You’ll learn about what your blood type is telling you and the foods that might be destroying your health.

On my side, all that I share in this video was verified in my own life and on my own health. These concepts really helped me to not only heal from my eating disorder but also to eat in a way to supports my optimal health. It’s safe to say they have changed my life.

My deepest hope is that this little introduction helps you do the same…


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