How To Heal Inflammation

Learn how to heal inflammation easily and naturally

How To Heal Inflammation Easily & Naturally

As we have seen in the previous VLOGs, inflammation is the root cause of pretty much all health issues.

After years of experience treating eating disorders, I believe there is no exception here.

I deeply believe gut’s health is deeply connected to our behaviors around food and as you know, inflammation starts in the gut!

In this video, I am sharing a few little tricks to make your first move towards radiant health by healing the inflammation in your gut.

And if you think you don’t have any, think twice!
You don’t need to be obese or morbidly sick to have to fight inflammation. Inflammation is a natural, beneficial process that happens to everyone. The problem is when you have too much of it. Cholesterol is a simple example.

In this video, you’ll learn more about this process and how you can start taking better care of yourself and rebalancing your relationship with food (and gut’s health).



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