How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams In 4 Simple Steps

Four simple steps to get your unconscious work for you and manifest anything you want...

How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams In 4 Simple Steps


More and more people are now able to become location independent, start their own micro-business and become their own boss.

This is an important factor if you want to escape the rat race and create your life on your own terms. In this post, I will explain how, you too, you can create the life of your dreams.

And the good news is: it has never been easier to do it!

You don’t need to have any MBA or own a huge capital to finance your projects. With a bit of motivation and commitment, everyone can do it!

The magic of internet allows us to easily – and almost at no cost – start a micro business and connect with our tribe from home. It’s not new and many people have already managed to make a living from it – sometimes a very comfortable living.

I’ve done it myself without really realising what I was doing. Being European and living in Australia, I’ve been willing to be location independent for many years. I wanted to enjoy a sunny and relaxed lifestyle while being able to get back to Europe regularly and long enough to enjoy my family and friends. I didn’t know how this would be possible but my intention was clear.

I also wanted to be free. I didn’t picture myself working for others my entire life and I knew I would create freedom on as many levels as possible in my life.

Without knowing it, I had set up my unconscious to work automatically for me.

When I finally managed to recover from my lifelong battle with bulimia, I was able to follow my inner guide, change my career and start helping other women to recover as well. Quickly women from all over the world started to contact me and Skype consultations became the optimal solution.

Why should I have my clients loosing time and money in transports and limit my services to Australian patients only?

I was able to satisfy everyone and serve more people by changing the rules that have been used for years, just with the power of Internet! Everyone was happy!

A few months ago, I realised that I could get closer to the lifestyle I wanted without having to stop doing what I love. This is how I moved to Bali a few weeks ago. I now have a sunnier and more relaxed lifestyle while working with my amazing clients and helping them getting a better life.

Once you understand that you create your own rules, as well as your own boundaries, you perception shifts easily and effortlessly.

Everything becomes possible.

And because I want you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, here are four simple steps you can apply to manifest anything you want:

1. Get clear on what you want to create for yourself

What’s your dreamed life?

Take time to reflect on this question and try to be as clear as possible. Remember, everything is possible here. Don’t hold yourself back, think about what you really want and write it down. Don’t focus on the details or how you’ll manage to get there. Just be clear on the end result and take the time you need to do it properly, this is one of the most important steps!

2. Release the fears that are blocking you from creating what you want

Since a very early age, we’ve been taught that our daily routine was the corner stone of our life. Go to school, study hard, get a good, well-paying job with heaps of advantages, spend your days at work, work hard, save for your retirement and you will be fine.

This belief has been implanted in our brain forever. But is it really the best way to achieve what you want?

This is totally normal to experience fears and doubts about thinking differently. But what if this schema was outdated? What if this reality was not true anymore?

To overcome your fears around creating a new life for yourself, think a moment about the worst case scenario that could happen to you? If that doesn’t work as you wish, how long would it take you to find another job, similar to the one you currently have (if not the same)? If you move overseas, can you buy a one-way flight ticket to go back in your own country and find a job again?

Chances are that this will be pretty quick and easy to get back to your old life. But at least you would have tried and wouldn’t have any regrets. On top of that, you would learn so much and be richer from experiencing something new!

3. Split your project in small actionable steps

Now that you have a very clear idea of what you want and that you are not paralysed by your fears anymore, make a list with all the things you will have to do to get closer to your dream.

For example, if you want to quit your current job to start your own business, calculate when you will be able to resign. How many existing projects/clients do you need before resigning? How much money would you need? What kind of website do you need to be started as quickly and efficiently as possible?

If you already have your own online business and want to move overseas, make a list of all the things you will have to do before leaving and start taking small actions every day (this includes checking flights prices, accommodation prices, international payment options, selling your furnitures, renting or leaving your current apartment, organising a farewell party, etc).

4. Before realising it, you will have a new life! Stop, enjoy and celebrate yourself for making it happen

When you are planning big things for your future, it’s easy to forget to look back and acknowledge your progresses and accomplishments. However, this step is the number one key to satisfaction. So don’t forget to be proud of yourself for making things happen!

Now, it’s time to take action!

Don’t procrastinate and start to get closer to your dreamed life right now. Share in the comments below one single thing you will do this week to get closer to the life of your dreams & let’s inspire each other!



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