I am Telling You Everything About My Bulimia Story

What it really took me to fully recover from a 15-year struggle with full-blown bulimia...

I am Telling You Everything About My Bulimia Story…


Today I’d like to share some very deep and personal things about me and my bulimia story that I never thought I would share with anyone. Never ever!


As you might know, I struggled with eating disorders and especially bulimia for 15 years. Then it took me another couple of years to be able to recover fully.

I know that when you’re caught in this dark place, it’s sometimes difficult to believe you’ll get out of it at one stage.

If you’re sometimes thinking that you’d never be able to fully recover from your eating issues, then read on because what I am about to tell you might just change the way you see things (including beliefs about what’s possible for you or not).

Here Is Everything About My Bulimia Story…

When packing stuffs to move to Malta these past weeks, I had to go back into boxes I left in Belgium before going to Australia about 5 years ago. What I found in there actually turned out into a big reality check (like BIG!).

I re-discovered all the books I had about eating disorders and bulimia recovery. All written by Doctors, Psychotherapists and Therapists (who never had any eating disorder by the way) about what to do and how to recover. I also found notebooks I kept to write down everything I ate (under the instructions of these self-help / recovery methods from the books).

In these notebooks, I had different columns that said what I ate, on what day and what time, if I binged, if I purged and all the thoughts and feelings that accompanied my experience.

It was incredible to read that and dive right back into the suffering I was going through at that time. Most days, I was binging and purging 4 to 5 times despite my best efforts!

Over a month, I happened to get maybe one or two ‘good days’. These good days where days with only one or two binge and purge episodes. I even wrote down how proud I was about these ‘good days’.

Man, it was in 2008 but just the fact to write that down and share this with you today feels like a punch in my stomach.

Going through this again through my notes was a total shock for me. I realised how lost and lonely I was facing this illness, how deep I was in this dark hole and how strong my pain was. Even though it remained silent at all costs.

I was lying to my loved ones just to keep it secret and be able to handle my binge urges. The shame and the guilt were so important that I was unable to speak about it. The few times I tried, the words weren’t able to leave my mouth and tears were pouring on my face like a river.

Everyday, I was trying to finish work earlier to have enough time alone between my work day and my evenings with my love. I was hiding food in my house to make sure I always had something if I needed to. I couldn’t stay alone without having to binge. I couldn’t even have a proper meal with my loved ones. I was bingeing on everything I could put my hands on and then throwing that up automatically when my stomach was ready to explode.

I was suffering so much that I was forced to be self-centred if I wanted to manage and live with my illness. I couldn’t see what was happening around me or be compassionate. My bulimia was taking all my bandwidth, head space and energy that I couldn’t really focus properly on what was happening outside my bubble flooded with shame, guilt, health issues and destructive thoughts.

I was spending a fair amount of money on binge food instead of using that money to surprise my loved ones or to take care of myself.

If only I knew what I was getting myself into the first time I managed to purge my meal… I don’t wish this nightmare to anyone.

I tried everything AND it took me YEARS to get rid of it. But keep reading the most important is below…


There is a good reason I am sharing all this with you today. Actually there are 2 very good reasons:


1. The first one is to show you that if I managed to get from where I was to total freedom… by myself, there is absolutely NO reason you can’t manage to do the same.

I know very well the vicious cycle of this dark illness that can make you question whether you really want to recover or not. This is called Stockholm Syndrome.

This endless questioning is all bullshits. Obviously you want to recover!

Otherwise you wouldn’t even think about stopping that behaviour. You’d probably even recommend it to your friends and family because life is so much better with bulimia… You get the point, right?

So each time you’d wonder about that again, just stop it straight and kick this vicious thought process in the butt!


2. The second reason is to make you understand that it took me years of trials and self experimentations to reach total recovery. I had to go through relapses, I threw myself under the train way too many times, and learned to understand how my own body and brain worked. It was not fun everyday!

What I mean by that is that it wasn’t an overnight process.


As much as I’d love to tell you that you just have to make the decision and get a good night sleep on it to wake up fully recovered, this is just not how it works! In most cases, it takes a bit of time.

I wish someone could have given me all the tools, techniques and details I now know and show me the way.

I deeply believe that if I had found more valuable information in French – my mother tongue – when I was younger, I would have recovered much quicker… But I guess I wouldn’t do what I am doing today then.

After all these years of deep suffering and recovery, I knew my mission on earth was to make what I leaned accessible to anyone in a very well structured and efficient way. There was a clear lack and my goal is to fill the gap because a life with an eating issue is just NOT a life – I only discovered that after recovering, so trust me if you haven’t managed to compare yet!

Some women magically recover overnight after falling pregnant – please don’t try this at home! – some get a massive break-through and are able to shift things around in just a few days.


This was not my case!


I’ve had clients recovering in 12 months, others in just 3-4 months but in any case, it takes consistent action steps, commitment and overall the willingness to create something better and be your optimal self – may it be for you, for your family, or for the world.

If you don’t think it’s possible and if you don’t want to create something better for yourself, I don’t see why you’d want to change nor where you’d find the motivation to do it.

On the opposite, if you know that something better is waiting for you, then the world is yours… and I am here to help!

This is the exact reason I’ve created the Make Peace With Food online program. This way you can have everything you need to make the move, stop binge eating and truly transform your life.

Even if I’d like you to join me and the other amazing women in the program, if you don’t, feel free to browse this website and come back regularly. I hope you’ll find the piece of information that’s missing and that will allow you to move forward.

A great starting point is to get a free copy of my eBook “My 7 Secrets To Make Peace With Food“. You’ll also receive a 2-week email coaching series straight into your inbox to guide you and make improvements quickly.

Never give up because freedom, health and happiness feel so good and you don’t deserve anything less. I know you can do this. I believe in you!


Now I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever tried to recover? If yes, what was one piece of information, one technique, one tool that really helped you move forward?

Share your experience in the comments below and never forget that what you share might be the exact thing someone else needs to read right now.






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