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Whether you’d like to gain more self-confidence, recover from a torturous relationship with food, make a career change that suits you, or get the best results when it comes to nutrition and exercise – coaching will help fast-track the process and create a better life for yourself!

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Have You Been Wanting To

    • Heal a destructive relationship with food (emotional eating, bulimia, binge eating, restrictive dieting…)
    • Crack the code about nutrition and exercise that will get YOU the best results for the least efforts
    • Understand who you are and create a life that suits your needs and ambitions
    • Make a career change that will create more freedom for yourself

    Then read on, you’re at the right place!

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    What Can You Expect?

    1:1 coaching is deep, personal work. It is a commitment and investment you’re making in yourself, your health, and your life. It can be intense. It might not be easy.

    But if you commit and take consistent action steps – at your own pace – here is what you can expect:
      • A natural, peaceful relationship with food
      • Understanding what works for YOU in order to get the best results (mentally and physically)
      • More energy and improved mood
      • Better digestion and glowing skin
      • Increased self-love and confidence
      • A deep understanding of how to carve the body you want with smart nutrition choices and exercise (and least efforts!)
      • Improved health and happiness
    Success Stories

    Here is what people say…

    I learned so much and I was able to put the ideas immediately into practice and already see results.


    I have gained much more self-confidence, self-love and overall peace of mind. My experience has been amazing!


    Pauline’s knowledge and wisdom are admirable and she is a great role model. My future will be longer and filled with happiness.


    No words will ever truly reflect the immense gratitude I have for you, and the way in which you have helped me… you have changed my life.


    How Does It Work?

      Together, we choose a day and time that suits us both to have our weekly 1:1 coaching session.
      Each session lasts for a whole hour. During that time we will dig deep into what’s holding you back and how you can create a healthier, happier life for yourself. You will leverage my knowledge in ED recovery, holistic nutrition, online business, and more.
    After each session, you’ll receive:
      • Your personalized notes and recommendations
      • A clear action plan to put new concepts into practice easily
      • The tools and materials you need. They include but are not limited to hypnotherapy audios, ebooks, play-sheets, resources, videos, meditations, Yoga Nidra audios, etc…
      • High priority email support in between sessions
    Success Stories
    Your Investment

    Coaching is not a cheap option. But if you compare it to the material world that surrounds you, which only brings short-term results (aka parties and binge food, clothes and make-up, etc…), it might be worth it, considering it will change your life… Forever!

    I highly recommend you choose a coach who inspires you and clicks with you. Tap into your feelings.

    If you’re interested in working with me, here are my 1:1 coaching packages and rates:
    • Per session (60 min + follow up) = 200€
    • 1 month (4 sessions) = 720€ (10% off)
    • 2 months (8 sessions) = 1400€ (1session free)
    • More than 2 months = 700€ per month

    Interested to invest in yourself?

    If so, feel free to get in touch here and I’ll get back to you with more details and guidance.

    Just Need A Private Chat?

    Pauline has extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, nutrition, and eating disorders. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition in New York and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.

    More importantly, she’s got 7+ years experience in coaching people from all over the world, changing their health and life successfully. 

    If you need a private chat with me, please contact me via the form below:

    • The video call would be via a Whereby private meeting room (if you prefer another method, let me know)
    • I speak English and French
    • The fee is 125 EUR (60 min max.)

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