Pauline Hanuise

Hi there, I am Pauline

I am Wellnest’s co-founder & CEO, I am a holistic health & nutrition coach, yoga instructor and a digital nerd.

Over the years, I became an expert in health & wellness with a focus on nutrition, fitness & mindfulness.

I also co-created Wellnest to use technology and AI in order to help people live a better life, starting in the workplace. Take a few minutes to read more below and learn about what I do…

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I am here to help you stop surviving and start thriving.

It’s a big statement, I know!

But this is what I’ve created for myself over the past 10 years and it’s been so great and liberating, I want to share it with you.

My Mission

After recovering from my almost life-long struggle with eating disorders in 2011, I changed everything I was not fully happy with in my life by mastering it and designing it on my own terms: body, health, work, finances, happiness and more…

Today I also offer wellness consultancy for corporations by running audits and creating + implementing tailor-made strategies to increase well-being, and productivity in the workplace.

In this 10-year process, I’ve met awesome people from all over the world and learned one or two things in the process. This website is the place where I’ll share all this goodness, hoping to inspire and help you do the same.

Whether you’d like to recover from an eating disorder, burnout or depression, reach optimal mood, energy, and health, launch your own business to create time and geographical freedom – or even all of that – you’ve come to the right place!

Everything I create is dedicated to helping you get there so that you can enjoy life in your own terms.

I deeply believe that we are NOT meant to struggle through life. May it be with our relationship with food, with our daily routine or even with our finances. Our birthright is to be free, healthy and happy. In other words, we are designed to thrive!

Today, I am still amazed to witness that often with just a few tweaks, people are able to turn their lives upside down in a very positive way – for them and their family – in all areas of their life.

I also believe – and I am living proof – that you shouldn’t wait to turn 65 in order to make your dreams come true. Life is now and you’ve got to make it happen. Nobody is going to do it for you.

Finally, I know that in order for things to change and create a life beyond your wildest dreams, you have to stop victimizing yourself. You have to step up and take full responsibility for your own life. You have to realize that you are the only one responsible for your health, your happiness, and your successes. This doesn’t depend on anything or anyone else but you!

So if you’re ready to up your game, change your perspective and reach your full potential, I am here to help you get there!

Whether you want to quit the 9 to 5 rat race, create your own business, become location independent, generate passive streams of income or heal your relationship with food and create optimal health and shape so that you can use your body and brain to their full potential, keep reading my friend… I’ve got something for you!

Learn more about my story below and discover how I designed my entire life in my own terms… or just pick the part that is the most relevant to you and let me show you that anything is possible…


How I Made Peace With Food

During 15 years of my life, I struggled with full-blown bulimia until I hit rock bottom and had to choose between totally destroying the poor health condition I had left or fighting to finally recover.

It all started when I still was a teenager. Growing in a society in which apparences are more important than feelings, it was easy to fall in that trap. Looking for validation, love and happiness through the way I looked, in a number on a scale.

That’s how I started to restrict my food intake, until I got to a stage where I was just unable to keep depriving my body.

Eventually, my body started to force me eating to compensate this long-term starvation and I quickly got stuck in the vicious cycle of binging and purging.

It became even more painful when I realised that I’d lost control and couldn’t stop behaving like that. I was feeling horribly guilty and shameful about my behaviour and my relationship with food. On top of that my health started to degrade seriously.

At age 23, I started to have serious health issues.

I had anaemia, started to seriously lose my hair and experienced paralysis in my face, hands and arms more and more frequently due to a lack of electrolytes. My heartbeat was irregular and I didn’t have my periods anymore.

I saw many doctors for these issues, and I am still blown away that none of them has ever been able to link my poor health condition to nutrition.

None of these doctors – endocrinologist, gynaecologist, GPs and even nutritionists – had questioned what I was eating on a daily basis. There was – and still is – an obvious lack of knowledge regarding these illnesses in traditional medicine. I had already spent a year in psychotherapy, on anti-depressants and I knew this was not the solution.

At the bottom of my heart, I knew there was something better waiting for me.

I started to understand that my best and most powerful doctor was myself.

At 25, I hit rock bottom. I had to do something!

But external help was totally un-existing and, despite its support, my family was unable to properly understand my issue and its impact. The only person I could rely on was myself and I quickly realised I had to gain a bit more strength if I wanted to do something. That’s how I started my extraordinary recovery journey…

Eating disorders are very complex illnesses and modern medicine doesn’t understand them fully. That’s why so many smart and successful people get stuck in this kind of vicious cycle. They just don’t know how it works.

From successful entrepreneurs to professional dancers, I’ve seen countless intelligent women stuck in these destructive patterns.

If you can relate to this, make sure you check out my Make Peace With Food program, the world’s largest and most complete online recovery program for disordered eating recovery. It’s a compilation of everything that got me the best results in which you’ll get some efficient tools and techniques to help you stop binge eating and regain freedom over food once and for all.

One of the strengths of this in-depth online program is that it simultaneously addresses the different areas of the issue. From health and nutrition, to self-love and acceptance, to yoga, to body energy flows and more. Most importantly, it will teach you how to reprogram your brain to change your deep-rooted destructive behaviours.

This is the exact process I followed to fully recover from my eating issue. It was not an easy thing but from far the best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

I am now totally free and can enjoy life to its fullest. I am now able to take care of myself, I feel good in my body and have a healthy relationship with food, myself and others – probably even healthier than the average person. On top of that, I am no longer wasting my money on binge food and I don’t have to lie to my family anymore.

I am now totally free and can focus my time and energy on being my best self and creating my dream life instead of destroying it. I am a happy and healthy mum and can also show up at my best for my son!

I deeply believe that EVERYONE deserves this fulfilling life of freedom, wellbeing and happiness.

Well-Being @Work with Wellnest

We decided one evening to leave Sydney to go live in Bali and build our own businesses. Just like that.

4 months later, we were waking up on one of the Gili Islands in Indonesia to take our advanced PADI certification, still pinching ourselves. It was indeed that easy.

During our year in Bali, I became a certified Yoga Instructor, we lived in a beautiful house with infinity pool in Ubud, explored South East Asia and built our own online businesses. Life was pretty great!

But it goes without saying that such huge life changes come with challenges. After a few months in Bali, I could see that pivoting from our “regular” lives – the ones we’ve always known – to a life of true freedom and opportunities – but also uncertainties – was definitely not easy, whether personally or as a couple.

Pivoting from a “regular” life to a life of true freedom and opportunities – but also uncertainties – was definitely not easy!

This was also a time for huge personal growth and development, and luckily, for our couple too.

Once our businesses were off the ground – and after countless discussions on where we should live next – we decided to head back to Europe to spend some time with our friends and families.

I know it might sound crazy but after visiting many countries in Oceania and South East Asia, diving in crystal clear waters and sun bathing on gorgeous beaches, we were just craving big European cities with real concerts and art exhibitions!

But for the first time in our lives, we truly were location independent. We were earning money online in a way that was totally independent from where we were in the world, or from the time we spent in an office.

At that time, we still wanted to have a home though. We’d been travelling for over a year without anywhere to call home and we really felt the need to settle down a little. That’s when we bought our first flat in Malta, end of 2014.

Fast forward to today… we decided to get back to Belgium, our home country, for many different reasons (check my blog to read more about that). But even if we are back in the same country, our life is very different. Not only we are healthier and happier but we also have more freedom than ever!

Professional Bio

Co-founder of Above The Clouds, Pauline Hanuise is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur.
After working many years as a digital producer for international companies in Brussels and Sydney, she's graduated from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition in New York in 2012 and has since launched her own coaching practice.
She's practised yoga all over the world and has been trained by renowned teachers in Australia, Bali and Malta. She has passed her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training certification with Yoga Alliance and High Vibe Yoga at the famous Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, in 2013. Since then, she has spread her teachings in person all around Europe, and worldwide via her online programs.
She draws from her experience helping thousands of women improving their health and life, as well as her many travels and expatriations. Her mission is to make a positive impact in the world by empowering people to take control of their health and happiness.

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