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Make Peace With Food

Cut your binge urges by half in just 2 weeks!

In this efficient (and free) 2-week email coaching series, I’ll show you how to reduce your binges in frequency and intensity, so you can finally start to heal your relationship with food.

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Hi there, I am Pauline.

Co-founder of Above The Clouds, I am an expert in wellbeing and personal development consultancy.

Over the years, I combined my skills in digital project management, health coaching, yoga and entrepreneurship to create tailor-made solutions improving people and companies’ wellbeing, efficiency and efficacy.

I help people create their dreamed life and companies increase wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Whether you’d like to boost your company’s results, become your own boss, create location independence or master your health so you can be at your best and design the body you’ve always wanted, I’ve got you covered!

Everything I create is dedicated to help you reach your full potential, you can stop surviving and start thriving!

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Here is what people say…

I learned so much and I was able to put the ideas immediately into practice and already see results.


I have gained much more self-confidence, self-love and overall peace of mind. My experience has been amazing!


Pauline’s knowledge and wisdom are admirable and she is a great role model. My future will be longer and filled with happiness.


No words will ever truly reflect the immense gratitude I have for you, and the way in which you have helped me… you have changed my life.


Yoga & Wellbeing At Work

Health is wealth. That’s why we are helping companies thrive by taking care of their employees’ wellbeing.

Discover how we can help you run a more successful, more profitable business…

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About Make Peace With Food

I’ve recovered from a 15-year battle with full-blown bulimia and created the life of my dreams. I’ve helped countless women from all over the world do the same and get the life they really want, where bulimia and food addictions have no place.

Because we can’t enjoy life at its fullest with an eating issue, and because everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and free, my mission is to give you the information and techniques you need to create a better life.

Through my programs and free resources, I want to help you regain freedom over food and reach your full potential, so you too, you can create the life of your dreams.

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