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Hi guys,


I know alcohol is very triggering for many of you.


It was certainly my case when I was recovering from bulimia. The thing is that it’s totally normal.


Among many other things, alcohol actually activates the reward centre of your brain, which is the same mechanism as binging. That explains why many people tend to be triggered and binge more easily after they’ve drank a few glasses of wine. It’s as if the process had already started – from a brain chemistry point of view. So that’s definitely harder to refrain, especially at the beginning of recovery.


Here are some great info about how alcohol impacts your brain.


One thing is for sure: even if alcohol consumption can be triggering during recovery, after a while, when you manage to regain freedom around food, it’s not anymore. So don’t be scared about that!


In the meantime, I won’t tell you anything new if I say that alcohol is probably NOT the best thing for your health.


That’s why I’ve created this Alcohol-Free Champagne Recipe for you! This way, you can join the party and celebrate without being worried anymore.


Not only it’s easier than making a cocktail but it will help replenish minerals and electrolytes depleted by purging methods, sweat, stress, excessive exercise and diarrhea.


Your body will love you for that!


Click here to get the recipe.


And feel free to share the love for healthy celebrations with your friends and family!


Cheers ;-)


binge free


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