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Hi amazing friends,


I hope you are well today!


On my side, it couldn’t be better. I am currently finishing my stay in Bali with a week on the Gili Islands and after that, I will spend the whole summer in Europe after a short stop over in Nepal.


I’ve created this freedom for myself because this was the life of my dreams. And while I know many of you don’t want to become location independent, I wanted to share the magic formula I apply in my life to create what I really want.


This is nothing complicated or hard to do but I am sure this can help you create the life you want and deserve. This magic formula is actually very simple and quickly actionable. I use it every day in my own life and it works amazingly.


Create Anything You Want


This simple formula to create anything you want is:


Intention + Effort + Grace


Yes, that means that you can create anything you really want by following this recipe.


So how does that work?


Let’s break that down and always remember that this is the exact same process as going from a point A to a point B in a city.




The first step is to have a clear intention about what you want.

As you know if you are not clear about where you want to go, how do you want to magically arrive at the right place?


Take some time for yourself and meditate on it. Maybe write it down in your journal or a piece of paper. Make sure to be super clear, visualise it, feel it, embody it, make this dream come true with the power of your mind.


This way your subconscious will record the details and will start working for you without you noticing anything. Your mind is way much more powerful than you think, believe me ;)





Yes, we don’t create anything by staying in bed or watching TV all day long my friend!


But, don’t be scared I am not asking you to work your ass off like a crazy ant.


The only thing you will have to do is to take the next right step in the direction you’ve chosen. Don’t stress or overwhelm yourself, just take the next right step, once at a time.




Probably the most important step of all 3. Grace means that you have to relax and be confident that you will arrive at the right place.This also means that you will have to relax, connect with your intuition on a regular basis and take good care of yourself.


You won’t be able to execute this third step properly if you stay stuck in step 2, like most people do. I know that it might sound counter-productive for our ‘modern’ mind, but this is how it works. I’ve witnessed it first hand!


Great life changes never happen with a lot of effort, they just happen.

Nature changes effortlessly, birds fly effortlessly and trees grow effortlessly.

We often forget that we can create what we really want effortlessly, just by setting up the right intention and taking the next right little step.

One day, you’ll look back and you’ll be amazed by what you’ve achieved.


Give it a try and let me know how you go ;)


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  1. Username* says:

    Pauline, you are so right on!! Love your website and information :)

  2. Jenna says:

    Love this beautiful Pauline! It has been wonderful to experience your time in Bali through your blog and social media and I can’t wait to experience the next phase of your journey!

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