My Personal Experience With The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Is IIN right for you? Here is my personal experience and the things I loved the most, so you can see for yourself...

Looking for a career change is certainly something important. It will cost you a significant amount of time + money.

But if you choose correctly it should open a wide range of opportunities for your future.

This is why I’ve taken the time to explain my honest experience and what I loved the most about The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, as many people asked me over the past years. This way, you can see if this is the right move for you… or not.

When a friend introduced me to IIN, back in 2012, I was already looking for a degree in nutrition.

But as I already had a full-time job and 2 Master degrees, I had no interest in going back to school. Not only I didn’t want an academic training but I couldn’t afford to spend another 4 years of my life at school, without income.

Nutrition was a passion and I just wanted to deepen my knowledge to potentially, one day, start helping women with their health.

So when I heard about IIN, I was quite happy. This was exactly what I was looking for and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations in many ways. I didn’t need to get back to school, I could study in my own time, I would learn from heaps of reputable, knowledgeable experts in many different areas, and if I wanted to start coaching, I could start just 6 months after starting the program.

This seemed the perfect thing for me… and it turned out it was!


Here is what I loved the most about IIN:


1. You can study whenever and from wherever you want, just from your laptop. That was super important for me because, as I mentioned, I was already working full time in a web agency in Sydney at that time and didn’t want to stop to get back to school for years.

2. The training really covered many different subjects and was very broad. I loved it because it allowed me to try and understand many different things. I could deepen my knowledge in many different areas and I then decided to dive deeper into what I loved the most.

3. You also receive a training in business, online marketing, networking, etc… so you’ll be able to work on your actual business straight away and get clients quite quickly. I had my first clients after just 6 months into the program. They also cover legal stuffs for those based in the US, so this might be of interest.

4. IIN really allowed me to run my business from my laptop and become location independent. When I started IIN I thought I would have to open a physical business and get an office to see my clients but I quickly realised that as I developed my business online, I could do everything online and consult via Skype. IIN will also help you to build your business online if you wish to and for me, it was definitely a game changer!

5. Once you are a graduate, you can choose to become an Ambassador. That means that you can inspire people – through your website and your own story – to enroll at IIN and they will give you a small percentage of their tuition fees back. I think when you have a website with a lot of visibility, that can make a big difference in your income as well, which is always nice.

6. Another very good thing is that you’ll have access to IIN’s private community and Facebook groups with all IIN students and graduates around the world to connect and network! You’ll definitely meet heaps of like-minded people from heaps of different countries and that’s just totally incredible!

For example, this allowed me to connect with other IIN grads when travelling in South East Asia, be invited to their yoga classes and networking events for free in Singapore, teach some nutrition classes in yoga retreats in Bali and more! Everywhere I go, there is always some awesome like-minded IIN grads to connect with and so far, I can say that some of them became some of my very best friends!

With that said, IIN might not be the right training for you!


I wouldn’t recommend IIN if:


  • You want to specialise in something specific. You have to be aware that the main program might not cover it in a very detailed way. The curriculum focused on training you on many different things. If you want to become an expert, you’ll have to dig deeper in the area of your choice. However you’ll have lifetime access to many online libraries and documents for you to do your own researches in the student dashboard.

I hope that helps you make your own choice. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch! I know it’s an investment in your career and health, so you really have to be sure this is the right thing for you.

If you want to know more, you can get a free sample class here and download their curriculum here.

Don’t forget that I always have special savings offers for my readers, so feel free to contact me here to find out more.




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