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Megan From Veggies And Me


Today’s interview is about a very talented woman.


I met Megan at a blogger event in Sydney a little while ago. She is a true food lover like me and as you can see, she has the same kind of crazy neon bag as I do.


On top of that, Megan is an amazing photographer. Her blog, Veggies & Me, is full of delicious recipes and gorgeous pictures. I am sure you’ll love it. So let’s meet this beautiful woman…



Can you shortly describe who you are, where did you grow up & what you do?


I would describe myself as a plant powered food blogger. My background is as a professional photographer and blogging has allowed me to combine my passion for photography with my passion for healthy plant based food.

Growing up in beautiful Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by nature, I couldn’t help but have a well-developed appreciation for fresh, wholesome and local produce. Over the years this love of fresh produce has awakened my interest in nutrition. I am currently studying nutrition and never cease to be amazed by the power of food.


After fours years in Dublin, Ireland, I have returned to Sydney where I am working on growing my blog and will soon be launching a healthy stock photo agency. Watch this space…


Could you please explain what brought you there/how did you find your path?


While bike riding through the Killarney National Park, in Ireland, on my 30th birthday I was overwhelmed by a need for knowledge about better nutrition for myself. Shortly after I enrolled in my first nutrition course in Dublin and in April 2011 I started the Veggies & Me blog and have been dedicated to ‘the cause’ ever since.
The site is intended as a place of inspiration and education. It is easy to make a beautiful food blog about cakes and chocolate but not so easy to make one just as appealing about eating your veggies! Here lies my challenge and motivation.


Could you please share one of the biggest challenges you had to face and how you managed it?


I think of myself as being incredibly lucky. Touch wood… I have yet to have too many big challenges in my life. I have an extremely hard working nature and have worked hard all my life with study, professionally, with my health and with the relationships I have built with my colleagues, friends and loved ones around me.


What’s new and good regarding your projects & what do you plan for the near future?


As I said I am working on a healthy stock photography agency and you will start to see this promoted soon. I am also working on my first ebooks. High on my list of prorates is creating an ebook on the subject of  ”Food Photography for Bloggers”. When this is launched I hope to also run a series of workshops on the same subject.


What was your best holiday tip & why?


Getting organised is my best tip. I tend to be very well organised and time efficient with all aspects of my life and this includes holidays. In August this year my husband and I and two friends enjoyed a tip of a lifetime through Spain and France. It went off without a hitch and we enjoyed great accommodation and transport all the way along. With some pre-planning you can achieve truly special memories.



Taking in a cooking class is also a great way to get a unique insight into a countries culture and traditions. The four of us spend one memorable day market shopping and cooking in the Loire Valley. The meal we created with our expert French Vegetarian Cooking Teacher was something very special.


What’s your favourite beauty product?


It has taken me many years to find my dream team when it comes to beauty products and cosmetics. I love Weleda’s rose deodorant, almond cleanser and moisturizer, EverEscents’ Organic Geranium & Mandarin Sculpting Lotion for my hair, Hourglass’ tinted moisturizer and Ere Perez mascara.


What’s your your most important health secret?


Listen to your body and if something you are eating is causing you problems, of any sort, cut it out. Stress is also something worth keeping under control. If you can’t remove stress from your life learn techniques for managing it and give your self time and space to completely relax at least once a week.


Life is a continual improvement, what did you learn lately?


I learned that positive and up-lifting people surround us all. These are the people you need to invest you time in not the negative people.


What advice would you give to our readers to help them reach their dreams / happiness?


Don’t be daunted by the task ahead. To create something wonderful, whether that be a business, project, or working on yourself it takes time. Chip away on it a bit at a time and don’t give up. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and you will reach your goal.


Megan’s favourites:



Food Rules by Michael Pollan



Anything full of life



Food Matters and Hungry for Change



Cooking for friends and loved ones



Fresh fruit with almond meal, cocoa nibs and a dash of organic maple syrup.

You could not live without…

The support of my wonderful husband James.


You can connect with Megan via her blog Veggies & Me, Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow her and her beautiful pictures on Instagram.


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