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It’s not always easy to fully accept our body.

We often criticise it, compare ourselves to people who have more beautiful eyes, hair, abs or bum. We always want to change something because we think we have too much belly fat or not enough muscles, right?


Media pressure does not help us neither. We are surrounded by messages that tell us we need something we don’t have to be more beautiful, healthier or thinner than we are.


However, in order to live life at its fullest and be happy, we should not focus on these negative thoughts. These negative thoughts might not disappear straight away and that’s all right. The most important is to change our focus on more positive thoughts like “I accept and love myself fully as I am right now“.


Accepting ourselves fully and unconditionally is the starting point to a happy and fulfilling life. So here are a few tips to help you reconnect and make peace with your body:


1. Practise yoga

Practising yoga is great to observe how your body reacts, how deep it can go, learn to know it better and respect it. Yoga is a powerful way to reconnect with every part of yourself and generate self-love and acceptance towards your whole being, including your amazing and beautiful body.


2. Nourish yourself deeply

Nourish yourself with good quality and nutrient dense foods such as super foods, whole grains, dark leafy greens or organic fruits and veggies. Start juicing your veggies to help your body absorbing what it needs quickly and easily and you will soon feel more energy and self love. Being healthy is one of the most important steps to respect yourself and make peace with your body.


3. Take care of your body 

Your body is your most precious ally. Recognise its hard work and be grateful for that. Treat it every day as the temple of your soul. For example, practicing skin brushing after your bath or shower and choosing nice organic cosmetics to nourish your skin is a great starting point. Don’t be afraid to have a massage and pamper yourself when you need it.


4. Stop comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others. You will always see thinner or fitter people than you. Everyone is different and you will only start to shine when you will recognise and accept your real beauty. Comparing yourself to others will only help you to dive deeper into self-loathing and won’t help you in any way.


5. Move

Moving is so important for your body. Not only to burn calories but mainly because moving allows your body to digest food differently and helps you to feel better. By moving, I am not talking about exercising during hours at the gym. Adding 20 minutes of movements into your day can already help you to feel better. Start by getting off the bus one stop earlier, go for a walk with a friend or dance while preparing dinner… There are so many ways you can get moving, be creative!


6. Breathe

Breathing deeply and from the belly will help you relaxing and oxygenating the cells of your whole body. Good quality air is also very important, so go for a walk in nature or along the beach if you can. If you live in the city centre, try to get out as often as you can, this will be a great gift to yourself!


7. Respect yourself

Stop beating yourself up for everything. Instead, treat yourself as if you were a lovely little child. If you are tired, respect it and go to bed. If you want to play, go and have a fun activity. Don’t always force yourself to do things you don’t want just to please people or play a role. Be yourself… And don’t forget to laugh out loud!

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