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Living with the flow is so important in life, yet we’ve been trained, since we are very little, that we have to work hard to get where we want to be.

Obviously, we have to ‘deserve‘ it. So we are all trying as hard as we can to deserve what we really want, to make sure we are ‘good enough‘ to do what we want to do.


I used to deeply believe it. I thought the harder I worked, the better I would be. I thought that if I wanted to be successful, I had for sure to work accordingly. That the harder I would work and fight, the more successful I would be.


And, to be honest, it took me a little while to be able to step back and observe my own life with an external point of view on this area. I guess this belief is so deeply rooted in our culture that it’s actually hard to question.



Learn To Live With The Flow


As Deepak Chopra explains it beautifully in his book “The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success“, life should be effortless. [I highly recommend this book by the way, it's awesome ;) ]


And that’s right when you look around you. Trees and flowers are not fighting to grow, animals are not fighting against the flow to survive and humans come to life naturally, without trying too hard.


This law of least effort can – and should – be applied in all areas of life.

Have you ever tried very hard to find the perfect significant other, without any results? Then realised that you actually just needed to stop fighting for him to show up magically in your life.

It’s also often the case with young parents who are trying super hard to conceive. This is usually when they think they’ve lost the battle that the woman gets pregnant naturally and easily.


I’ve witness countless stories like that in my life!

Yet I was still trying to get things done in my personal and professional life the hardest way until very recently.


But life doesn’t have to be so hard!


I can tell you today that I know the best things (and the best work) happen when you stop pressuring yourself with to do lists and deadlines. This is only when you are able to live with the flow that the universe truly supports you.


Today, this is the way I choose to live my whole life and I challenge you to try it for a week.

Stop pressuring and stressing yourself out. Let go of your ‘to-do’ lists and self-imposed deadlines.

It’s ok if you are late, it’s ok if you don’t manage to go through your ‘to do’ list by the end of the week. No one is going to die and you will still be all right as well.


You will see that everything will happen naturally in a much better way than what you’ve planned originally.


I deeply think that this is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and the most beautiful self-respect step you can take moving forward, so try it and let me know how you go!


Have you had this experience already? What are your insights about that?

Let us know everything in the comments below…


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