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September arrives with a new seasonal change and, for those living down-under, we are now entering spring! My favourite season.


To help you make the transition, KMYOGA organises a Spring Cleanse, which will aim to clean all your major and vital organs. I am a proud collaborator of this 40-day cleanse to help you eliminate toxins from your body and transition gracefully to this exciting period of the year.


KMYOGA Spring Cleanse


To cleanse your body gently and carefully, 3 main components need to be taken into account: the food you put into your system, the way you move your body and the thoughts you choose.


To help you have everything you need, KMYOGA and myself will be working together. KMYOGA offers 40 days of unlimited yoga and meditation classes and I will provide health and nutritional information along with healthy and easy recipes to help you get the most of your cleanse. You will also get 15% off Urban Remedy Juices during the whole period of the cleanse and some discounts on Ayurveda Treatments.


Each week, from Sept 15 till Oct 24, we will help you cleanse a different organ:


Week 1 will target the kidneys

Week 2 will be all about cleansing your liver

Week 3 will be about your spleen

Week 4 will help you cleanse your colon

Week 5 will focus on the glandular system

Week 6 will close the cleanse targeting the nervous system


This will definitely be a very interesting journey to a better health and rejuvenation to help you feel fresh and awesome for a beautiful summer.


And as I am here to help you get a better life, I’ve got one pass to give-away for this Spring Cleanse*. So if you are keen to win unlimited yoga and meditation classes along with many other great things, simply take the little challenge below. We will draw a lucky winner on September 10, who will need to get ready for the cleanse!





Share with us in the comments below how yoga has impacted your life so far and why you would like to do this cleanse.

That’s it! Good luck ;)


* This give-away is obviously for people living in Sydney and able to go to the KMYOGA studio regularly. If you know you won’t be able to make it, please do not participate and leave more chances to people who will be able to enjoy the cleanse fully.


If you are not in Sydney but want to get the information about how and why cleansing your different organs, sign up for email updates and stay tuned, that will be posted on the blog as the cleanse goes on ;-)



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  1. Ellie says:

    HI Pauline,
    I was just reading about the Spring Cleanse, I am not sure if its for me or not?
    I feel like I need a re start and begin a fresh as I have been having the worst luck with all the stomach bugs going around, and I feel so full of eating dry toast and white rice :S So maybe I do need a nice holistic cleanse!
    In terms of yoga, I cannot even describe how life changing my experience was at Kripalu Yoga Centre in Massachusetts, USA. It opened up to me a whole new reason to practice yoga, and to accept that its okay to lie there, flat on your back for your whole practice, if that is all your body can manage. To me, Yoga is now about listening to your body for once, which is a lot more powerful than people think.
    XXX El

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