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Have you ever been wanting to learn how to stop binge eating and finally create a peaceful relationship with food, settle at your ideal weight, become healthier, happier and truly transform your life for the better?


[OMG who wouldn't, right?]


Personally, I love ‘How To‘ articles and it’s been a little while that I wanted to share with you my ‘How To Stop Binge Eating‘ technique because I am sure it’s way easier than you think!


Knowing how binge eating and bulimia can destroy a life (this link will drive you to my own recovery story), I thought this would be the best gift I could give you to start creating a better reality for yourself… So let’s dive in:




How To Stop Binge Eating & Finally Create Something Better For Yourself


1. Stop restricting your food intake


This first point is super important to master before moving forward. I can’t stress this enough!


If you keep restricting your food intake, your body and brain will keep starving and you won’t be able to think straight. A starved brain and a starved body will always push you to eat, whatever promises you make to yourself. It doesn’t matter how much willpower you have to fight the urges, nature will always be stronger.


A starved body + a starved mind = urges to binge that can’t be controlled.


This is our survival instinct and we can’t fight it.


My best solution to start re-nourishing your body and get rid of these uncontrollable urges is structured eating. You can find more details about that here.


You can also access a FREE powerful training video about Why You Binge Eat And How To Stop here, which is the first lecture of my powerful Make Peace With Food online program, that has changed many lives already ;)


Get more info about the program + access some free lecture about How To Stop Binge Eating by clicking this link.



2. Stop eating what you think you should


Start listening to your own body and stop listening to anything and ANYONE else. This is so important.


If you keep listening to the newest diet or to your mum when it comes to YOUR nutrition, you will never get it right. Because you are unique and YOU are the only one able to know what’s good or bad for you. It’s essential that you start listening to your own body.


And this is also true when it comes to healthy diet such as raw foodism, veganism, vegetarianism, etc… You have to realise that even if it’s to serve your health, they are actually just strict rules that you are putting on yourself.


Nothing is black or white in life and it’s especially right when it comes to nutrition and freedom around food. What works for me – for example – might not be what will support you fully and vice versa. This is why learning what works best for you is essential!


I know it can be scary at the beginning as you may found yourself wanting EVERYTHING, but that’s ok! It’s a normal reaction from a deprived body and brain. This won’t last forever and the best to do here is to allow yourself to have these forbidden foods from time to time, so your body and brain will get the signal that they are not deprived anymore.


Remember that nothing is perfect in life. It’s not reasonable to try having a ‘perfect’ diet. Try to apply the 80/20 rule (eating clean and nourishing food 80% of the time and allowing yourself to have ‘special’ foods that will make you happy and satisfied 20% of the time) and you’ll be just fine.



3. Realise that binge eating is NOT a solution anymore


Being able to see binge eating as something that is not part of your life anymore is crucial. As long as you will allow food to be a coping mechanism or a solution, that will stay like that in a corner of your mind. You will then get back to it easily when being in distress.


This is the exact same process as a drug addict here. If you keep saying ‘just one last time because X or Y good reason’, you will always find – unconsciously – a good reason to get back to food.


Do you still find a good reason to pee in your pants when you need to run to the loo? Or a good reason to hit someone when you are angry?

Probably not. You manage to get over it.


Well it’s the same here. There is no good reason to eat when you are lonely, tired, upset or whatever it is that is triggering your negative pattern.


Start by just being mindful about that for now and you will see that your behaviours may start to shift naturally.


Want more resources to help you stop binge eating? 


Start by reading my simple 3-step process to stop binge eating.

Then, check out my powerful Make Peace With Food online program to help you Stop Binge Eating and transform your life for good.



Here is more about my own bulimia recovery story.


Now, I’d love to hear from you!


Do these steps make sense to you and how could you start applying them in your day to day life?


Maybe you have experienced something that helped you creating a better relationship with food? Share that in the comments below. Remember that what you share might just be the exact thing someone else needs in order to move forward.


Let me know your thoughts and insights in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!




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