How To Stop Binge Eating – My Simple 3-Step Process


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Hi there gorgeous,


If you want to discover how to stop binge eating for good and finally get your life (+ self-confidence, health, irresistibility and happiness) back, you’re at the right place!


I am here to help!


For almost all my life, I struggled with eating disorders. You can read about my own bulimia recovery story here. Since I managed to finally recover and changed my life, my mission on earth is to help you do the same through 1:1 coaching, powerful paid online programs and free resources on my website (this is one of those)!


Now, it’s been years that I am helping women from all over the world to recover from their tortuous relationship with food and teach them how to stop binge eating and get their life back.


Over the years, I became an expert in that field not only by helping others but also by writing regularly about this specific topic for very well-known magazines.


I am now a writer for Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Food Matters, Hungry For Change as well as The Institute For Integrative Nutrition and many others.


I’ve also been featured by Cosmopolitan as one of the top 5 women you should know in health and wellness and I’m endorsed by brands like Synergy Natural, Micronutrients and Vitamix.


how to stop binge eating


As you can see, I’ve made my mission to change how people [and you] are seeing eating disorders because I know that you can’t truly enjoy life to its fullest if eating issues are holding you back.


I know you might have heard that binge eating is a mental illness, yet I am sure you won’t qualify yourself from “mentally ill”.

Well… it might just be because you’re not!


After years of struggle, therapy, anti-depressants, calorie-counting and other treatments, I can tell you:


You’re not broken, crazy or mad!


Not at all gorgeous one!


If you’re using food for other reasons than nourishment, you’ve got very good reasons. You’re just not aware of them yet!


What I can tell you right now is that you’re not born like that, you’ve learned this destructive process while growing up and might keep using it automatically as simple “reward system”.


Pssst and by eating disorder, I don’t mean only the typical full-blown anorexia or bulimia. It can be much more subtle and can hurt you even if you don’t have a full-blown eating issue. Read this post for more details about that.


The good news is that just by being here, reading this, you’re looking to create something better for yourself. You’re ready to shift and you can be proud of yourself for that because this is the most important step towards full freedom.


I am sure you’ll understand that I can’t do anything for you if you’re not willing to change, if you’re not open minded or curious to understand what’s going on for you. But if you are beautiful, I promise that recovery is simpler and easier than you think!




Still with me?



Awesome, because you’re about to learn some great techniques, tools and resources to learn how to stop binge eating for good!



Let’s make things clear: binge eating is the only one cause of your bulimia or eating issue.


If you’re using whatever purging method, this is what makes you bulimic vs binge eater, but at the end of the day, purging is just a consequence of binge eating.


This is why I am focusing on overcoming the urges to binge instead of the whole bulimia itself. Because if there is no urge to binge, there is no purging cycle that follows (may it be restricting, dieting, self-induced vomiting or overexercising).


And trust me, when I say overcoming binge urges, I don’t me being able to fight them successfully but make them DISAPPEAR FULLY!


Full recovery means you don’t have any urge to binge anymore, not that you became super successful in fighting them.


So here is my simple 3-step process…



How To Stop Binge Eating


Before getting started, I would suggest you read about my own bulimia recovery story, so you’ve got an idea about who I am and why I am actually able to give you some real recommendations (vs most GPs and therapists, who generally have not been through the illness themselves, and thus are unable to fully understand what it’s like to be struggling with eating disorders).


If you still have some juice after that, you should definitely read this specific blog post, in which I am telling you everything about my bulimia story (or you can just bookmark it for later if you want to dive straight in the serious stuff).


This post is actually all about things I never thought I’d share with anyone. Never ever, even with my best friend! It’s very raw but at the same time, I think it’s essential to show you what my experience was like and what you can expect for yourself, if you choose to do it on your own.


If you’re still with me here (whether you’ve read both articles or not), this is a pretty good sign!


That means that you’re on the right track to create the life you really want, a life of total freedom, where bulimia and binge eating have no place.


And you know what beautiful?


This is all you really need to free yourself up from destructive patterns, stop binge eating for good and create your dreamed life, which is exactly what you deserve!


And I’ve got a special treat for you to help you with that…



My simple 3-step process (and 3 levels of nutrition) to stop binge eating for good



These 3 steps need to be addressed in the right order. This is very important and you’ll understand why in a minute.


So when applying these 3 steps in your life, always make sure the first one has been addressed properly before going to step two and so on, when you move to the third one, make sure steps 1 and 2 are under control.



1. Physical level


The very first step is particularly essential if you’re struggling with bulimia (binge eating with purging methods), applying very strong food rules, dieting regularly or starving yourself without realising it.


This first step will help you to take care of your needs on a physical level.


Because one can’t recover from distorted eating patterns if she’s starving on a cellular level.


If you’re body is crying for nutrition, you will keep craving the food your body needs to function properly. And that doesn’t mean you should be underweight! Many people starving nutritionally are actually overweight.


Physical binge urges might be caused by obvious deprivation and / or purging methods. But they can also be caused by malabsorption due to gut issues, food allergies or sensitivities.


Most of the time, people don’t realise their body is starving on a nutritional level and refuse to eat proper meal, worrying about weight gain, while in fact all they need is proper nutrition their body can efficiently absorb.




Most of the time, structured eating combined with appropriate superfoods and supplements will be enough to take care of the physical unbalances and re-nourishing your depleted body.


If issues persist, I would highly recommend to be tested for food sensitivities and allergies because – even if they are often unseen – these nasties can cause major health and absorption issues and keep your body in a starving state, without you realising it!


It’s very frequent for people struggling with eating disorders to have undetected food sensitivities and / or allergies.


And because one can not fully recover if she keeps eating things that are making herself sick without knowing it, I would definitely recommend to keep an eye on this!



2. Mental level


Binge eating – as weird as it might sound – can absolutely be controlled with the power of your own thoughts. But don’t be fooled by the familiarity and simplicity of this concept if you want to discover how to stop binge eating for good.


I know you might think to yourself…


“yes I know BUT I am different. I don’t have any willpower, I’ve tried many times and this doesn’t work for me. In fact I think it’s total BS because each time I’ve tried to control my eating patterns with my thoughts and willpower, I got back to square one, and even worse.”


Well, what I am about to tell you is quite different from what you might have heard so far, so bear with me…


Think about that for a minute… If you’re struggling against binge urges* it’s maybe because you don’t accept them… To the point you’re ready to do anything (even eating until you’re ready to explode and making yourself sick) to make them disappear.



BUT imagine you’d just have to stop fighting them to find peace.


*please note that before getting to that stage, physical urges MUST be under control, see above, point #1.


I am sure you’ve already noticed that what you resist persists. Each time you try to fight uncomfortable feelings such as fullness or discomfort, all you can manage to do is to focus on them and increasing them instead of getting over and keep going with what matters most.


It’s the same with a small kid who’s not happy with something and keeps moaning about it versus the kid who’s able to embrace her disappointment, cry loudly for a few minutes and then focus on something else and move on. As soon as she decides that it’s not a problem anymore because there is something more important going on, live goes on and discomfort fades away almost instantly.



What if you were able to do the same with your binge urges? What if it was the key to stop binge eating? What if it was the key to stop any destructive behaviour such as anger or disappointment?



The exact same rule can be applied to anything in life, such as swimming: as soon as you stop fighting, you float!


how to stop binge eating




To help you with this, I can’t give you anything better than my exclusive 30 minutes interview with Kathryn Hansen, Author of the bestselling book “Brain Over Binge“.


In this interview, you’ll learn A LOT about eating issues and how to overcome them. You’ll also learn about the dissociation technique, which is very powerful to detach from your destructive patterns and start to shift your perception.


So, prepare a nice cup of your fav herbal tea, make yourself comfy, and take these 30 minutes to invest in your health and wellbeing because you deserve every minute of it and you won’t believe how much this 30 min interview could change your whole life!



3. Emotional level


I heard so many women telling me about the years they spent in therapy uncovering the emotional patterns behind their eating issues, without any significant results. And I know how it works, I’ve been there too! Analysing my dreams, my relationships, my childhood, my binges and writing down the food I ate on a daily basis… thinking that will help me find a magic solution, fix all my problems and make me stop binging forever.



The truth is you could spend your entire life analysing your emotions and triggers, if you don’t know how to deactivate them, you’ll keep binging and purging despite your biggest efforts.


And this, beautiful, is not only hurting your health and happiness but also your self-worth and confidence. Believe me, I spent years of my life feeling like a massive sh*t because of that.



The fact is that every feeling, every emotion you experience starts in your head.


Yes, that’s right, in your head!


They are all created by your thoughts, as I told you just above, in point number 2.


Some thoughts you might be aware of and then, you can just start challenging them consciously. But some, you don’t. They are the beliefs you’ve absorbed when growing up. As you were a kid, you didn’t questioned them and you started creating your reality based on them.


They are things like I am not worthy of…“, “I am not good enough“, “I am not beautiful enough, or more generally things like “I have to bring a bottle of wine when I am invited for dinner“, “I have to put my shoes on before going out of the house“, etc.



These are the thoughts and beliefs that are creating your own unique reality.


You’ve stored them in your subconscious when growing up and, you’re now unconsciously living your life accordingly. Some of them, even if they are not true, are not destructive (“I have to bring a bottle of wine when I am invited for dinner”, “I have to put my shoes on before going out of the house”), quite the opposite.


But some of them are not true and highly destructive: “I am not worthy of…”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not beautiful enough”, and the list goes on…





Challenging each and every thought, belief and behaviour that is not supporting you, your health, your recovery or your happiness is ESSENTIAL.


But most importantly, if you want to challenge these unconscious limiting beliefs, tools like hypnotherapy and yoga nidra can help you out as well on a deeper level.


I think combining both is the way to go, it’s not hard and you don’t need any willpower or hard work to do so. It can be quite easy and simple.


If you’re joining my online program “How To Stop Binge Eating & Transform Your Life” (and I’d love to see you there), you’ll receive all these tools as well as awesome play-sheets and much much more in a very well structured way to make sure you get the best results as quickly as possible without putting on weight, as I know how important it might be for you ;)


But basically here is what you have to remember:


The main thing that creates binge urges is your feelings. The binge urge itself is a feeling.


Feelings are triggered either by your thoughts or by something you eat that doesn’t sit quite right with you.


(food sensitivities and allergies play a big role, as seen in step number one. I could write an entire book about this specific topic, but I’ll keep it simple and to the point in this article, so you can focus on what matters most: getting great results!)


This is why challenging your thoughts and being a detective of your own body and digestion is key before starting to investigate the mental and emotional levels. Being “in the know” is empowering and makes you able to understand what’s going on without being a “victim” of your feelings.


If you feel ready to create something better for yourself and want to dive deeper into recovery to start living your optimal life as soon as possible, click here for more juicy details about recovery and the How To Stop Binge Eating & Transform Your Life online program. It’s awesome and I am sure you’ll LOVE it + I’d be honoured to be by your side in this process.



If you’re not sure whether you have an eating disorder or not, check out this page and this page to find out more. You can also read “Do You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food?” here.




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