How to stop binge eating


Do you want to stop binge eating, (not gain weight) and finally reach your full potential?


I know how you feel because I’ve been there!

I’ve struggled with full-blown bulimia for over 15 years, fully recovered and finally created the life of my dreams.


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Below, I’ll tell you how I stopped binge eating, improved my health, and started feeling great in my body… so, even if nothing has worked for you so far, you can start applying that for yourself and benefit from my own experience.




how to stop binge eatingYou see sista,


for over 15 years of my life, I’ve struggled with full-blown bulimia. It was not pretty and to be perfectly honest with you, I nearly died from it.


I’ll tell you more about my own story later on, but let’s fast forward to today…


I am now a certified holistic recovery and health coach, and one of the Cosmopolitan’s Top 5 Women in Health and Wellness.

Every day, I am helping thousands of women from all over the world making peace with food and creating a better life for themselves.


If you’re reading this right now, I know it’s because you’re on a mission to improve your health and get rid of binge eating and bulimia once and for all as well.


I know that you’re a successful woman in so many ways! The only problem is that you still haven’t managed to stop binge eating for good.


Like me, you’ve been down that road before.


You’ve tried many diets, went for therapy, and maybe even started on strong anti-depressants at some point, like I did. Despite your best efforts, nothing seems to work and you don’t know what to do anymore.


The good news is that you’ve found me, and I can help you!

The techniques I’ve used for myself have worked for countless other women from all over the world. I know how it works and I know it will work for you too!



In fact, give me just 3 months

and I’ll show you How to Stop Binge Eating,

Reduce Your Cravings, Control Your Weight,

and Fix Your Broken Relationship With Food

so That You Can Start Improving Your Health

and Reach Your Full Potential!



Welcome to Make Peace With Food!


The world’s largest and most complete online program for distorted eating issues recovery…


After recovering from bulimia, I discovered that there was nothing out there to help people who are trying to stop binge eating.


This is why I created “Make Peace with Food”. The online program for smart women, like you, who want to fix their broken relationship with food and get a healthier, happier life.

When all other eating disorder solutions treat you as if you were seriously mentally sick, this is NOT what you’re going to get here. So if you like being victimised, this program is NOT for you! I am part of the solution, not the problem!


Because we can’t reach our full potential nor enjoy life at its fullest with an eating issue, my mission is to give you the information and techniques you need to create a peaceful relationship with food, and a better life with ease and grace.


After successfully empowering thousands of women around the world to make peace with food and change their lives, my deepest hope is to be able to help you do the same.


This is why my Make Peace With Food program has been strategically designed to help you do just that: regain freedom over food and create the life of your dreams.


Full recovery is totally possible, and you deserve it. I am here to help!


x Pauline x



Make Peace With Food’s Pauline Hanuise Has Been Featured In: 

how to stop binge eating


Make Peace with Food is the only online program available that has received such great results from women who have once suffered in silence, but are now enjoying their lives.


There is no other online program that can help you get rid of your eating problems. The truly amazing results I’ve gotten speak for what you can achieve with this program…



Watch & Read A Few Of Our Success Stories:



“I now know that recovery is 100% possible for me. I have experienced huge changes!”


I had been in recovery for many years before starting Pauline’s program. I considered myself to be at a plateau stage of my recovery. I had already made a fair amount of progress. I had enough energy to function day to day and hold down my full time job. However I was still binging and purging several times per week.


I was anxious, stressed and depressed. I felt like I needed bulimia to cope with life but I hated it at the same time. I hated myself and my body and felt a huge amount of guilt and shame.


Before starting coaching, I was worried that it wouldn’t help. I felt like I’d “tried everything” but nothing would really help me. I was also scared of losing bulimia as a coping mechanism. I was worried about gaining weight. I thought I would never be free.


But I knew that I needed help to do this. I had already tried a few different recovery methods before and hoped this would be a different approach. I wanted to change my life and be happy, healthy and strong.


I hadn’t tried coaching before but I loved Pauline’s approach. It’s more personal than psychology. Pauline’s approach is more motivating, inspirational and the activities are fun. I found when I do that and follow Pauline’s guidance, everything else falls into place.


I have experienced huge changes in myself. My outlook on life, my thoughts and feelings about myself have totally shifted. I’m much happier and able to deal with stress. I love myself more every day and I am also much more comfortable in my body. I am eating very well and I am feeling more vibrant and energetic.


I feel amazed and very proud about that! Today, I am excited about all the things I plan to do and I know that recovery is 100% possible for me.





Make Peace With Food Student



“My life has completely changed in an extremely positive way: “I AM NOW HAPPY!”


My experience with Pauline’s coaching started because I was suffering from a deep eating disorder, which was making my life very complicated and very sad. It was all very dark. Since I signed up for Pauline’s coaching, my life has completely changed in an extremely positive way: “I AM NOW HAPPY!


I know it sounds unreal and it’s still hard for me to believe how much positive impact she brought into my life.


Pauline was able to understand me, describe accurately every step of the illness recovery, re-educate me to eat and enjoy food. She held my hand through all steps reassuring me and giving me the opportunity to regain more self-confidence.


Aline testimonial


Make Peace With Food Student


In other words, Make Peace with Food will help you solve these problems:


Problem #1: 

Binge Eating


When you suffer from binge eating, it means that your unhealthy relationship with food has taken too much focus and energy from you. You may not realize it now, but recovering from binge eating will change your whole life and make you more present and happier than never before.

Problem #2: 

Binge Urges


When it comes to food, it always gets out of control. You’ve tried everything from therapy to diet-watching… But still, you just wish that there was something out there that can empower you enough to get rid of your binge urges forever. Make Peace With Food will do just that, so you can stop feeling ut of control around food.

Problem #3: 

Body Image Issues & Fear of Weight Gain


You feel frustrated because you don’t seem to be a normal person who enjoys the present moment. Your issues takes you away from your friends and family. Your fear of gaining weight has driven you into a vicious cycle of binge eating, and you want somebody to teach you how you can eat normally without becoming obese.



How Am I Going To Work?


Because our body is a complete system and that each part are constantly interacting with one another, we can not address any destructive pattern if we are not looking at the whole picture.

This is why I’ve always worked with a holistic approach, addressing the different levels of the issue simultaneously.

Make Peace With Food has been specially designed to do just that and will tackle your distorted eating patterns on different levels, in a very structured way.

The truly amazing results I’ve gotten speak for themselves.



What Am I Going To Learn In Make Peace With Food?



Section 1 - Nutrition

Understanding Why You Binge Eat
- The number 1 cause of your eating disorder
- Why you are pushed to binge or overeat and have no control over it
- Why this behaviour is happening naturally and should not be seen as a disease
- How diets work and why they are inefficient


Interesting Food Facts You Should Know
- How your body works and processes food
- The truth about weight and weight gain
- Why you are probably nutritionally deficient
- Interesting food facts
- Some useful guidelines when it comes to nourishment


How To Quickly & Efficiently Re-Nourish Your Body
- Why you need to support your body to fully recover
- The best way to support your body
- What you need to know about supplements
- What you need to know about superfoods


The Simple Technique That Will Diminish Your Binges in Frequency & Intensity
- What is Structured Eating (SE)
- How it’s going to help you recover
- Tips and tricks to help you get started with Structured Eating
- Everything you need to know about SE


How To Reconnect With Subtle Hunger & Satiety

- Why you can’t trust your hunger and satiety sensations anymore

- How to reconnect with your real hunger and satiety sensations

- The most powerful tool to help you

- Tips and tricks


Learn To Deconstruct Your Cravings

- Why cravings are not your enemy
- How to use them as friends and recover quicker
- How to deconstruct your cravings
- How to act rationally upon your cravings

Section 2 - Mind

Putting Recovery First

- YOU are your number one priority from now on
- How to do it efficiently
- Why you are going to find excuses
- The main excuses you will find to sabotage yourself and how to get over them
- The 3 fundamental questions you have to ask yourself before making any decision
- How to make sure you’ll be ok with everything


The Powerful Technique Of Dissociation

- What is dissociation and how does it work
- How you can apply it in your everyday life and stop your destructive eating patterns
- Choose a technique that resonates with you or create your own
- How to apply the technique to your everyday life
- How I used dissociation to aid my recovery


Creating & Erasing Habits

- What is a habit and how does that work
- The role of habits in your disordered eating behaviours
- How you can erase (or reinforce) your destructive patterns
- How I kicked my negative habits
- Tips & tricks


Developing Rational Thinking

- How to start thinking rationally
- A few great tips to start transforming your reality
- Diving deeper on thought busting and how it works
- Simple steps you can start to apply now to make sure you keep moving forward


The Power Of Your Mind

- The most important thing you need to know about how your mind works
- How your mind defines your reality
- The role of your subconscious
- How to work hand in hand with your subconscious in recovery
- The most amazing tool to help you work with your subconscious


The Key To A Happier Life

- Why it’s not what happens to you that matters but how you face it
- Why the idea of the ‘perfect life’ is total BS
- How to make your imperfect life happier
- Learning to sit with discomfort easily
- The key to a happier life


What Are You Really Hungry For?

- The different types of hunger
- How to know when you’re physically hungry
- Why do we use food as coping mechanism
- The number 1 question you’ll have to ask yourself from now on
- What is the root causes of your hunger
- The real emotions behind your destructive eating patterns

Section 3 - Body

The Fear Of Weight Gain

- The one thing we all have in common and why it’s your number 1 enemy
- How the fear of weight gain has became a real phobia
- Why you need to overcome this crazy phobia to recover fully
- How to overcome the weight gain phobia
- Little helpers


Stop Comparing Yourself

- Why we compare ourselves to others
- The worse thing you can do to yourself
- How to embrace your uniqueness
- The best and simplest technique to stop destructive comparisons
- Seeing your body as your best ally
- A note on social media


Ditching Fat Feelings

- Why we experience fat feelings
- Our normal reactions to fat feelings and why
- Big misconceptions about fat feelings
- How to stop being bothered by fat feelings
- How to forget fat feelings forever


Uncover Your Relationship With Exercise

- Uncover your relationship with exercise
- The benefits of exercise on your mental and physical health
- The number number 1 myth about physical activity you have to know
- What is healthy physical activity?
- Why exercise is supposed to be fun
- Six disciplines that will help you create a love affair with exercise, and improve your well-being and happiness for the rest of your life
- Suggestions


Creating A Rocking Body Image

- What’s a rocking body image?
- Why having a rocking body image is important to make peace with food?
- A new point of view that will help you see your body as it is
- Why you are much more than your body
- Accepting what is
- How to start creating a rocking body image


Yoga – An Awesomeness Awakening Tool

- A little introduction about yoga
- The main types of yoga and what you want to look for
- What yoga does for you and why is it so great
- Why is yoga an awesomeness awakening tool
- How and where to start
- How to keep going

Section 4 - Self-Love

What The Heck Is Self-Love & How Does It Work?

- What is Self-Love
- Why YOU need more self-love in your life
- What’s going to change when you truly love yourself
- What shifts can you expect
- How to get started


The Superpowers Of Affirmations

- What are affirmations and how they work
- The most important thing you have to pay attention to when starting to work with affirmations
- What are their superpowers
- Why you need to use them in order to regain YOUR superpowers
- How to use them


Yoga Nidra

- What’s Yoga Nidra
- How does it work and what’s the impact on your body & brain
- Why and how this can help
- How to introduce it into your life
- Why you want to do it as often as possible
- Some interesting notes


Embracing Who You Are

- The most unhealthy thing society makes us do unconsciously
- The number one secret you have to know to be successful in recovery and in life
- How to discover your own super powers
- The one thing you have to do in order to live a life beyond your wildest dreams


The Key To Success: Putting Yourself First

- Why it’s essential to put yourself first
- Why it’s not egoistic
- The one thing you have to do to reach your full potential
- Why food has become a coping mechanism
- The 2 letter word that will change your life
- How to set up healthy boundaries
- The 3 essential questions you have to ask yourself to set up healthy boundaries


The Importance Of Me-Time

- What exactly is ‘me-time’
- Why is it so important
- How will that make a difference in your life
- How to start adding more ‘me-time’ into your daily life

Section 5 - Soul

Acceptance & Forgiveness

- A basic obstacle that keeps you from moving forward
- A few helpful examples for additional clarity and context
- A powerful step-by-step method to overcome this obstacle and feel great
- How forgiveness will change your life
- Why acceptance is fundamental to regaining your freedom over food and for creating the life of your dreams
- Simple steps to get started with acceptance


Love vs Fear

- The abusive love story you are nourishing unconsciously
- Why you are stuck in this abusive love story without knowing it
- Breaking up with your number 1 blocker
- The simple shift in perception that will change your life
- Reconnecting with your birthright
- Meet your new BFF


How To Be Happier

- What is happiness
- Interesting facts about happiness
- How you can sit in the driver’s seat and take control of your happiness
- A quick chemistry lesson to review your basics
- Your toolbox to help you increase your happiness levels and create a better life


We Are All Energy

- One small and fun exercise to get started
- Discover how’s your energy field like
- Everything is energy and why this is important to understand
- How your energy is impacting your reality
- How to clear your energy field and ground yourself
- How to protect yourself from negative energies
- How to recharge your energy


The Power Of Your Breath

- Why you want to pay more attention to your breath
- The direct impact of your breath on your daily life
- How is your breath influencing who you are
- Why breath mindfulness is so important
- How to balance your breath
- How you can manage your feelings and thoughts through your breath


Who Do You Want To Be In This World

- The one thing you have to do to start living a fulfilling life
- What’s your essence?
- Reconnecting with your deeper self
- The importance of knowing yourself enough
- Discovering what you are here for
- Who do you want to be in this world?



What’s inside…?




  • Techniques to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Advice on how to improve your health and happiness.
  • Step-by-step methods to reduce your food cravings.
  • Tips on how to regain self-worth and confidence easily.
  • Shortcuts to start a healthy relationship with food.
  • Tools to help you start feeling great in your body.
  • Playsheets” to help you create a fulfilling life.
  • Advice on how to improve your mood and energy levels.
  • Easy methods to help you stop binge eating.
  • Techniques to erase deep-seated negative thought patterns.

how to stop binge eating



  • Well-known guest teachers including Best-Selling Author Kathryn Hansen, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Alexa Nehter and Online Personal Trainer Ines Festini
  • Non-addictive recipe eBooks, including over 35 scrumptious non-addictive recipes to boost your mood and energy
  • Coaching emails to fast track your results during 10 weeks


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