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How To Stop Binge Eating & Live A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Interview With Aline


After struggling with a tortuous relationship with food for several years, Aline is now a healthy and happy mom. She became a certified Holistic Health Coach and started her own business, where she empowers other mums to life a healthy and happy life.


But it hasn’t always been that easy. In this interview, Aline explains how she totally changed her relationship to food and created total freedom for herself with the help and guidance of my Make Peace With Food program.


She shares how she made her dreams happen and explains what were the biggest challenges and learning lessons from her recovery journey.


Here is what you’ll learn in this video :


  • How Aline stopped binge eating once and for all
  • What was the turning point for her
  • How her personal & professional life have changed, thanks to recovery
  • The main challenges she had to overcome in order to recover and how she did it
  • The technique Aline used to recover and reach her dreams
  • How motherhood has changed our lives (to both of us)



How To Stop Binge Eating & Live A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Interview With Aline


Learn more about Aline and her work here:

Her website

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  1. Agnes says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Very inspiring. Not a mom myself here but hoping to become one in 1-2 years. Recovered almost 100% thanks to Pauline’s help… Really loved her program and helped me change the perspective into so many things. Recovering is not a 1-day process and it’s also good to acknowledge this. For some people it may take longer… And it’s ok. Take a deep breathe, say no to all that stuff that comes into you and doesn’t allow you to do what you want to do with your own time and life (work requests, drinks after work that perhaps you don’t feel like having, etc) – being gentle with yourself not only with food but also with your inner wishes and with what you really want to do, that’s the main point…

    Will definitely share my journey of becoming a mommy when the time comes! Funnily every time more looking forward to it… Babies look definitely cuter to me than 1-2 years ago… Must be a sign ;) x

    • pauline says:

      Thanks for sharing these beautiful words gorgeous! ;)
      I know you’ll be an awesome mum when the time will come! You’ve done such a great job re your recovery!
      Big big hugs to you darling!

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